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: Friends from Canada express continuity in their solidarity work (Photo: courtesy of ICAP, Karoly Emerson)

Canadian Jeanine Solanski, on behalf of the Che Guevara Solidarity and Volunteer Brigade, which ended its trip on May 9, expressed condolences to the Cuban people and the desire to help repair the damage caused by the accident at the Hotel Saratoga in Havana .

Accepting the commemorative stamp from the Cuban Institute for Friendship of Peoples on the 60th anniversary of ICAP, she said: “In the past few days we have seen how the Cuban people have managed to unite in the face of the hardships created by this catastrophe and to the victims and to express solidarity with their families.”

Photo: courtesy of ICAP, Karoly Emerson

“We also asked what we can do, based on the blood drive and the number of volunteers who have shown willingness from the start. We quickly realized that the support and solidarity that the Cuban people show to their compatriots is so great that there is actually no need or space for us to make our contribution in this way, as much as we want to wish,” says Solanski.

She added that through this example they could have felt the resilience and love that reigns on the largest of the Antilles, something that is admirable despite the sad context in which it was manifested and of which she remembers her Return to Canada would tell. They witnessed the May Day mobilization in Havana and visited the province of Villa Clara and the municipality of Playa Girón in Matanzas.

She also reiterated that during these two weeks of the Brigade’s activities, they could have observed how, despite the effects of the cruel US blockade, Cubans were doing so much not only for themselves but also for other peoples of the world.

“Cuba is a beacon of hope, Cuba is an example that a better world is possible. We will continue our solidarity work because we are convinced that a better world can be created. Cuba is the best expression of Marti’s quote that ‘homeland is all humanity’,” she told the more than 30 members of the group and Fernando Gonzalez, the President of ICAP, as well as other leaders of the institution.

She also reported how they mobilized across Canada on the weekends of each month in action against the blockade of Cuba and joined the US-sponsored Bridges of Love initiative. They also held actions in front of the Washington consulates moved to virtual space, partly due to the pandemic.

“Out of solidarity and love for Cuba, I want to make it absolutely clear to our Cuban friends that we will continue to offer our contribution,” said the Canadian activist, explaining that her brigade colleagues have promised to share the experiences they have been living these days would have to share with those around them.

She added: “We are very honored to receive this recognition today and to be able to be here to speak with you.”

Photo: courtesy of ICAP, Karoly Emerson