Cancel car insurance and save money –

Deadline November 30th
Change car insurance & save money

The end of November is an important date for motorists to save money. Then the fuel prices are not reduced, but the annual car insurance can be canceled. You can find out here why this is the case, what you need to look out for when canceling your contract and how you can find the best car insurance provider for you.

Why cancel by November 30th?

Most car insurance policies have a term of one year. The insurance period is then from January 1st to December 31st. applies to them a one-month right of termination, which means that you must cancel your car insurance by November 30th in order to be able to switch insurance.

Cancel car insurance by post

It is important for the cancellation of the car insurance that the cancellation must have been received by the insurance company by the key date. This means that you can’t send them out by mail the day before or even on November 30th yourself. If you resign by letter sends the cancellation by registered mail (currently costs 2.65 euros extra for postage). This way you are on the safe side if you have to prove that the cancellation for your car insurance was received on time.

Cancel car insurance by email

However, most providers no longer require the termination to be in writing. An email is enough. But there are also a few things to consider when canceling car insurance by email.

Name yours in the subject line insurance policy number – with this you make the work of the employees of the insurance company easier. In addition to your address and the insurance policy number, this must also be stated in the text itself License plate of your car be named. You don’t have to write a big text explaining why you want to cancel. A short sentence is enough and a reference to the special right of termination or that you are giving notice “in good time at the end of the current insurance year”.

In order to be able to prove that your email actually arrived, it makes sense to write at the end of the email: that the receipt of the email should be confirmed by date x.

Cancel car insurance after a claim

By the way, you can also get car insurance always terminate extraordinarily after a case of damage with a notice period of 4 weeks. Then refer to it in the resignation letter.

If one car insurance policy is cancelled, the next one is already in the starting blocks, since every car in Germany is only allowed to drive on the road if it has insurance.

Car insurance comparison site

Many motorists compare on the Internet Check24, Verivox and Co. prices. If you’re smart, you’d better take a look at the provider’s homepage before signing the contract, because sometimes you actually get a better price there.

Worth it, asking friends about experiences. Especially in the event of damage, it is important that the car insurance company acts quickly and helps. Next to it is of course the Preis the decisive criterion for policyholders.

What makes car insurance cheaper?

Since there was a change towards home office models in a number of industries during Corona, the annual mileage of many car owners went down. A rule of thumb: Anyone who drives more each year also pays a higher premium for car insurance. If you correct your annual mileage downwards with the new car insurance, this has a direct positive effect on the costs.

However, you should not cheat: If, in the event of a claim, it turns out that you actually drive thousands more kilometers per year, the insurance company can refuse to settle the claim.

Factors affecting the price of car insurance

In addition, when it comes to car insurance, it is always important in which district your car is registeredwhether you drive a car that is statistically more likely to be involved in accidents, how old you are and some car insurance companies also offer discounts if you family because, according to statistics, parents cause less damage on the road and drive more sensibly.

Deductible and choice of workshop

How high yours excess in case of damage should be, you decide for yourself when you choose your car insurance. The following applies here: The more you pay out of your own pocket, the cheaper the price for the policy will be.

It’s the same with the workshop: If you want free choice of workshop, you have to pay a little more for the insurance. If you let the insurance decide, you pay a little less. However, this is often not worthwhile, especially in rural areas, since the nearest workshop selected by the insurer can be too far away. Normally, however, you can see directly online which workshops in your area the insurance company cooperates with.

Car insurance discount for new customers

Many insurance companies offer special new customer discounts. Even if you don’t want to change your car insurance, it can be worthwhile to simply calculate what that compares to your current price savings would mean. You can still change – as long as the cancellation is received by November 30th at the latest.