Canceling exams in Northern Ireland leaves students unsure

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Closed since March 20, schools in Northern Ireland will not reopen until the start of the new school year in September. Students are exempt from exams and will be assigned a grade by their teachers. I would have preferred to pass my bac, laments Matthew, 18. Last year, I had much better results in the final tests than in the mock exams.

A standardization process developed by statisticians is supposed to moderate the teachers’ notes. In the rest of the UK, the situation is the same, although some schools are preparing to reopen. However, according to a study by the University of London Institute of Education in 2016, predictions prove to be correct in only 16% of cases. L es notes will reflect student work. We have been arguing for years for a return to a system where our expertise and professionalism would be recognized to assess students , wants to believe Stephen McCord, president of the Ulster Teacher’s Union.

The principal of Omagh high school, Christos Gaitatzis, fears that discrimination will increase. He asked his teaching staff to analyze student assessments over several years. We are asked to play God; we will try our best. But he there is a risk that the gap will widen between selective schools[[grammar schools] and non-selective schools. The Examinations Office is examining the possibility of appealing or retaking certain examinations next year.



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