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Cancer and Nutrition – You should better avoid these foods

Healthy food could prevent thousands of cancers every year. For the diet has a major impact on the risk of getting cancer.

This is the finding of a recent study by researchers from Tufts University in the US, which has now been published in the journal "JNCI Cancer Spectrum".

The highest risk of developing cancer due to poor nutrition is therefore between the ages of 45 and 64 years.

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Can strawberries stop cancer?

In the US alone, Boston researchers attribute a total of 80,110 adult cancers over 20 years of age to a poor diet. This corresponds to approximately 5.2 percent of all newly diagnosed invasive cancer cases and is thus comparable to the number of cancer cases that are presumably due to alcohol.

Figures in the study entitled "Preventable cancer risk associated with malnutrition in the US" refer to 2015 and to cases of illness in the US.

The interesting thing about the study: Researchers at seven food / food groups have taken a close look at how they affect the risk of developing cancer. From this risk analysis, they have derived a kind of negative hit list.

The highest cancer risk, therefore, have people who

  • eat too little whole grains

Followed by people who

  • too few dairy products
  • too few fruits and vegetables
  • too much processed meat
  • too much red meat
  • too many sugary drinks


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Also interesting:

By processed meat is meant meat that is preserved by salting, fermenting, smoking or pickling, such as ham or sausages. The fact that the consumption of processed meat can cause cancer, as the World Health Organization (WHO) has already pointed out and therefore classified it as "carcinogenic".

Red meat, the muscle meat of beef, pork, sheep, horse or goat, is "probably carcinogenic" according to WHO scientists. This applies especially with regard to colon cancer, but also links to pancreatic cancer and prostate cancer could be detected.

Whole grains reduce colorectal cancer risk

Thus, a high consumption of processed meat increases the risk of colorectal cancer. Those who eat a lot of whole grains reduce the likelihood of colon cancer.

Also interesting:

In the new study from the US, the researchers have also investigated which type of cancer poor nutrition is the most common: According to the colon (colon cancer) and rectal cancer (rectal cancer), the most common (38.3%) dietary cancers.

This dietary combination therefore poses the greatest health risk: low wholemeal and dairy products and a high consumption of processed meat.

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