Health Cancer researchers develop a method to streamline treatment for...

Cancer researchers develop a method to streamline treatment for diseases


What would happen if a more serious diagnosis of certain diseases, including cancer, were possible that treatment could also be developed more quickly? Staff of cancer researchers, led by Dr. Niv Papo, Ben-Gurion (BGU) and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HU) Professor Julia Shifman is working to carry out cancer researchers, needing to understand the relationships that created cellular proteins, in particular the mutations that occur when these relationships deteriorate, in other words. A statement from both universities explained that the process was expensive, labor-intensive and time-consuming, with thousands of potential mutations for each protein to protein interaction. and each observation can take a few weeks to do. “As a result, researchers would spend months building protein mutants and measuring their impact on binding relationships (the strength by which proteins interact with their target proteins in cells), mitigating the study of how and why diseases progress. , ”Said the universities. The team has developed a powerful tool to estimate thousands of protein mutations at the same time as protein complexes and to map their impact on protein relationships, turning processes that could take years to a few days. containing a single mutation at each member of the library in the protein so that millions of mutants proteins in the entire library (each mutation occurs differently in any amino acid from the rest of the mutants), ”Papo said to Jerusalem Post on Wednesday . He said that they filter this protein library against the target protein, which is a different protein than the one in the library. “The target protein associated with diseases is a protein and we want to find mutations that will bind it and prevent it,” he explained. “From these screens we make isolation and sequence, using deep sequencing technology, all the mutants with high affinity and which ensure the frequency with which all of the mutants appear in the high pool of mutual benefit.” Papo said that this is how they can give a score for each mutant according to his ability to connect and stay on target. “Mutant proteins with high scores, i. high affinity with the goal, it can now be used as strong drugs against their goals, they are proteins of disease, ”he said. According to Papo, its method of mutation occurs in proteins associated with diseases. “This method allows us to filter out millions of such mutations and determine which of these mutations affect the relationship of the associated protein to its goal,” he continued. “Because of this, we can develop inhibitors against these disease-related protein mutants and to understand disease progression mechanism,” which means what protein mutations are caused by the disease. This means that the time taken to generate the drug can now be much shorter “by using our method. “We can easily and very quickly identify and isolate protein-based drugs with binding affinity and strong specificity and the prohibition of prohibition against the disease target,” he said. Ask Papo for examples that include protein-related cancer targets. “We were able to show that we can identify and isolate protein mutant and generate a very strong affinity and ability to prevent the target protein associated with cancer,” he explained. “This target protein is a protein associated with cancer and this is evident in many cancers and facilitates cancer cell invasion in the body for the formation of much metastasis in the body of organs. “Our protein mutation can inhibit the predictive activity of this cancer-related protein,” said Papo. It also pointed out that strong protein stickers can be used as excellent diagnostic agents in cancer, adding that different profiles of protein expression by different cancer Targets, called antigens. “Our method allows the generation of very strong glues for these antigens and by labeling labels or radioisotopes on our strong fasteners, these fasteners can act as excellent diagnostic agents in the clinics,” said Papo. just like people, proteins maintain social networks; “Some partners have long-term couples, and others prefer numerous and brave interactions,” she explained. “When the proteins act in the way they are designed, the body is healthy. But when binding affinity is played – that is, when stable relationships break up too quickly, or people who fall apart – that is when a disease occurs. "According to the universities, this development is an important step for both applied and theoretical scientists." Currently in the pharmaceutical industry, most of the new drugs promising in production are proteins and destroy. protein-protein-related interactions, ”said the statement, pointing out that researchers can design a new method of effect thousands of mutations to design a protein drug that is both designed and distinctive, creating minimal side effects. “Their results were published on Wednesday Nature Communications.


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