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Cancer – Sunday, April 14, 2019: the Moon in Leo makes you very daring | Cancer Horoscopes

Astrological news: the Moon, which is your ruler, is in Leo with the numerological vibration of the three. The planet Jupiter and the planetoid Ceres are retrograde in Sagittarius.

Love smiles at you, but because of the action of the Moon in the fire element you must be attentive and avoid those compulsive impulses or those words thrown into the wind in an untimely way that cause you problems in your personal relationships. It is not a day for jealousy or arguments but for conciliation and compromises.

With the transit of your ruler, the Moon, in the sign of Leo, begins a cycle of significant changes in your element, water. From now on you begin to notice many different things in your life. Apply everything that is going to happen around you as a constructive experience to grow.

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A compulsive impulse could spoil a relationship. Even if you feel upset with a lack of word or unpunctuality, before fighting or arguing try to put yourself in the place of the other person and you will see how everything becomes clear. Fortunately, you, as a Cancerian, have a great empathic capacity.

If something bothers you at work or home, try to minimize it. Your health requires it. Take a deep breath and leave worries behind, at least for today. It is an ideal Sunday to distract and relax with good friends.

Now is not the time to throw yourself into an unforeseen change of job or job. If you wait a little you will achieve more money than they are initially offering you. Put to work the natural talent of your Cancerian sign for economic and labor issues.

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Money and fortune
A very influential person is looking for you to make an economic proposal that could positively change your life. Take this Sunday to set priorities in your work schedule and make phone calls.

Astral biorhythm of today
Sexual energy level this Sunday: high.
Cosmic dynamics that you should take advantage of: that injection of energy and creativity that is enveloping you with the transit of the Moon through the element of fire.
Dangerous trend today on Sunday in your sign Cancer: continue procrastinating, or leave everything to the last minute.
What should I avoid ?: Sad ideas associated with circumstances that I will not repeat.

Prediction of couple for today Sunday
The best relationship today: this Sunday you are doing very well things are the other signs of water.
The most tense relationship: avoid discussions with natives of Virgo and Leo.
Your current compatibility: you are well sponsored and charming, you attract everyone, although to a lesser extent to the Gemini and Aquarius signs.
If you are single or single: the influence of the Moon on the fire element brings with it a renewal of your sentimental world.

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