Candidate Berlusconi to Colle hoping that he will retire soon

Behind the unity of the facade, and the public declarations of praise, the atmosphere of the day after is not that of the best parties. The news of Silvio Berlusconi’s candidacy for the Quirinale was certainly expected, but the corpaccione of center-right parliamentarians accepted it without any enthusiasm. On the contrary. Concern mounts over having blocked the debate on the name of the Forza Italia leader, nullifying other hypotheses that are advocated by many parties. One of these sees Franco Frattini, freshly appointed to the presidency of the Council of State, as a possible point of failure to collect the legacy of Sergio Mattarella. An offer that could be digestible for the Democratic Party, less so for the 5 Star Movement, however, putting in place a proposal.
Net of the identikit of other aspirants to the Colle, there is Berlusconi to occupy and clutter the field: thus in the League and in the Brothers of Italy, hope is nurtured. Which? “That something could change something in the next few days, perhaps with Berlusconi’s step backwards”, is the summary delivered to HuffPost by some deputies, theoretically great voters of the former prime minister. A failed prospect, at the moment, “will go on”, guarantees a forced deputy. The hypothesis that the reconnaissance of the numbers, scheduled for next week, could affect the Quirinalizie ambitions of the Knight is currently excluded. “He will fight until he can win” is the motto that is spread by his party. Ignoring Gianni Letta’s suggestion on the need not to “look at partisan interests”.

Yet the beau geste, the act of a statesman that includes withdrawal to encourage confrontation between the parties, remains the wish of many center-right parliamentarians, some of whom are preparing to wear the camouflage of snipers. “The feeling is that many will not vote for him,” rebounds from Lega and Fratelli d’Italia in telephone conversations. How many? In this case, the estimate is variable: out of about 450 large voters given as “certain”, even 20 percent of defections can be reached. A re-edition of Prodi’s 101, or so. In the best of hypotheses, 10 percent could be missing, therefore about fifty preferences, a decisive quota in any case to sanction his defeat. All without the need for the leaders, Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni, to do anything: the dirty work belongs to the big voters. Attention is paid in particular to the new generation, parliamentarians who come from a path not characterized by the Berlusconian leadership of the center-right. One thing, in short, are leaguers and Melonians of the first hour, who shared experiences and paths with Berlusconi, the approach of those who built a career in a more sovereign center-right, in which Forza Italia was a minor ally, is different. No one is unbalanced on the effects of a possible debacle. Certainly the former prime minister would not experience the crash well. There are those who imagine the explosion of Forza Italia and those who predict a twist, in full Berlusconian style, which sees Silvio become the pivot of the Quirinale operation. Giving the cards to indicate the new head of state. But we return to the starting point: «Better to stop before the threshold of the ravine» with the step backwards.

In a magmatic picture, the certainty that in public no one dares to talk about the lack of satisfaction with the former premier crystallizes. A note from Osvaldo Napoli, a former iron force worker and now a member of Coraggio Italia, becomes the compass for orienting oneself in the moods among Berlusconi’s allies. “I do not see how the center-right can escape the broad confrontation proposed by the Democratic Party to elect the President of the Republic on the basis of a pact that must necessarily include the government and the Quirinale”, is the premise of a speech that ends clearly: ” Having blocked the center-right coalition on Berlusconi’s name is leaving the field open to the parliamentary initiative of the Democratic Party. With all the risks of the case for the center-right ». Words that earned him messages and telephone calls of congratulations, on the left and even more on the right, where his analysis is in short more than shared.

“In this condition it is impossible to think of electing a president with an abacus”, reiterates Naples to Huffpost, delivering the plastic image of the hunt for the vote unleashed in the last few hours. “I’m sorry – adds the experienced Turin deputy – that Berlusconi, with his history, wants to carry on this discourse. It does not honor him for what he represented. There really is no electoral campaign for the Presidency of the Republic, it is something that has never been seen before, it doesn’t work like that. We need a broad convergence “. “And – says Naples – I want to specify that I am not against Berlusconi, I always have esteem, respect and gratitude towards him”. Like so many others, who, however, are not willing to demonstrate it with the vote for the Quirinale.