Candidates for the regional second round accumulate more than 300 investigations in the Public Ministry

A few days before the voters of nine regions return to the polls to choose their new regional governor, the team of The Power In Your Hands of RPP had access to the tax folders of the 18 candidates who will participate in the regional second round.

These applicants, who aspire to become authorities next December 4accumulate a total of 334 tax investigations for various crimes. The information from the Public Ministry, obtained using the Transparency and Access to Public Information Lawis even higher, but in this specific count (of a candidate for the regional second round) the 34 files that appear in the final file were omitted.

The files that are in the preliminary file are considered. As the criminal lawyer refers Aldo CardenasAlthough this statement assumes that the prosecution has not found elements of conviction that allow it to continue with a specific investigation, This figure does not rule out the possibility that the case will be reopened later.

“Silver in a Wheelbarrow”

In 2014, when jamie rodriguez was campaigning to reach his second term as regional governor in moquegua, confessed in a public act that “he had robbed in a wheelbarrow.” “But what I stole, I shared with you,” she added at that time. He was disqualified from holding public office due to improper appointment. In May of this year, a judge rehabilitated him, which allowed him to participate in these elections.

jamie rodriguezwhich now tempts the regional chair with the regional movement Let it Liveleads this count with 91 tax folders: Embezzlement, abuse of authority, family violence and serious injuries are some of the alleged crimes for which this candidate is being investigated.

Those with more research

He is followed in this ranking by Luis Chombo, candidate of the region Pasco who was already district and provincial authority in Daniel Alcides Carrión. Has 51 tax investigations. Chombo, who is running for we are peru, said at the time that it is inevitable to end a public administration without any complaint. He is being investigated for alleged influence peddling, among other alleged crimes. He has a folder where he was accused of Electoral Bribery in the Preliminary File.

Third on this list is Rosa Vasquezcandidate for the Lima region for Civic Unit Limacon 49 files in the prosecutor’s office. The former provincial mayoress of Huarochirí is being investigated for alleged crimes such as embezzlement of public assets, usurpation of functions, illegal appropriation, among others.

Another candidate with a significant number of fiscal folders is Reynaldo Hilbckwho seeks to become governor of piura with the Regional Unity movement. This applicant has 38 folders in the Public Ministry. Hilbck, who already held the regional chair between 2014 and 2017, is being investigated for alleged collusion with patrimonial fraud to the State, among other processes. At the time, he distanced himself from these crimes.

In Amazonasthe second round will be decided between Gilmer Horn (Regional Amazon Sentiment) and Grimaldo Vasquez (Amazonian Victory). Both candidates have 22 tax folders in the Public Ministry. Horna, former regional governor, has investigations for alleged crimes such as Passive Bribery and Misuse of office, among others. Vásquez, who was a congressman and provincial mayor, records a process with the Preliminary File for Simple Homicide.

The most investigated were already authorities

The candidates who have experience in positions of popular election head this list of fiscal folders. Of the 18 applicants in this second round (corresponding to nine regions) 11 of them were elected authorities in the past and their complaints are located mainly between the years they held their positions. For this reason, we found that the most recurring crimes among the folders are against public administration.

The lawyer and specialist in Electoral Law, Jose Tello Alfaro, He says that the regional parties and movements must tighten their filters in the election of their candidates, paying attention to those who were already officials. “They should be more demanding than the simple criminal record certificate. The information of the candidates should be more contrasted, especially those who have previously held public office and who obviously could have some processes which they decide to omit in their sworn statement or their resume ”, he mentions.

Those who do not have folders

Edy Cuellar y louis neyracandidates in Cusco y piura respectively, are the only ones that do not register fiscal folders. It is the first time that Cuéllar, candidate of the movement Inca Pachakuteq in Cusco participates in an electoral process. He developed his professional career in the private sector. He was president of the Cienciano club and presided over the Cusco Chamber of Commerce until the beginning of this year.

For her part, Neyra, who postulates for With you Region in Piurawas elected provincial councilor in 2006. According to the Voto Informado platform, the candidate has a conviction for defamation and he has already served the sentence handed down by the judge.

What can we do to have clean candidates?

Currently the candidates they are obliged to declare only convictions in their resumes, but not in investigations and active processes. Although this point generates a debate in legal matters, for the political scientist of the Wiñaq Center Fernando Tincopathat the candidates transparent the information of their ongoing processes would help the voters make better decisions.

“Making these processes visible would imply, at least, a palliative to the great disparity in access to information that citizens have. And it would perhaps serve to make the investigative work easier on those candidates who have clearly questionable backgrounds and who clearly mean red alerts and who should be investigated ”, he refers.

The professor of Criminal Law at the Universidad del Pacífico, Daniel Huamanindicates that criminal investigations in Peru usually last for many years and they are not quick resolution processes. Therefore, if a conviction is issued when the candidate already occupies public office, other measures can be taken.

“If we are talking about a fairly complex case, of course, the final sentence will definitely take time. But, the short sentence may not, then it would be possible to request, as long as the person is already holding the position, the suspension of this person in that function. It is totally possible to request it as a precautionary measure ”, he expresses.

Jose Tello He considers that it is not enough to prevent those who have first instance sentences from applying. For the lawyer additional measures should be taken. “What we should evaluate, in the future, is that those people who are in pretrial detention, not only declared in the first instance, but confirmed in the second, can be removed from the status of candidates of an electoral process or they can be vacated of having assumed it”, he points out.

The winning candidates in the regional second round, to be held on sunday december 4, will be added to the 16 governors already elected. These new authorities accumulate more than 800 tax files, as RPP reported in the first part of this investigation.