“Canelo Alvarez blocks journalist after criticism”

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Mexico City / 25.05.2023 09:22:28

fernando schwartz he threw him hard again Canelo Alvarez. The journalist recently assured that the boxer from Guadalajara “gives rivals to him”, something that would have bothered the boxer to the point of indicating to security that will not leave happensr to Schwartz to the unveiling from his state at the CDMX Wax Museum, despite the fact that the statement was invited.

On Twitter, the journalist the asked a Canelo what matureconsidering that the indication of the boxer to safety is not up to what a figure like Álvarez must demonstrate.

Likewise, Schwartz he pointed what not surprised that Saúl Álvarez has reached such an extreme. He even commented ironically that what happened deserves to be applauded.

Now mature, Canelo. As I have been critical and have freely expressed my thoughts, now asked not to let me enter the unveiling from his state when I was invited. All public persons are exposed to good and bad criticism. It doesn’t surprise me. Bravo”.

Canelo blocked Schwartz

Last April Fernando Schwartz revealed what Canelo Alvarez lo blocking of Twittersocial network in which the journalist has shared some comments against the man from Guadalajara.

Although he did not reveal if it was for a specific issue, the personality of the media is mocked seeing that Canelo decided to block him from the aforementioned platform.

2023-05-25 20:18:17

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