Cañizares and his wife and other breakups of celebrity couples in 2020 and 2021

  • The former soccer player and his wife Mayte García put an end to 13 years of marriage

  • They add to a long list of breakups in stable couples since the pandemic. We remember the most popular

Santiago Cañizares And his wife Mayte García separate after 13 years of marriage, as the former footballer himself has announced on his social networks.

“Both Mayte and I want to tell you that we are going through a separation process. Because of the respect, affection, and support that you have shown us, especially in difficult times, we feel obliged to be the one who transmit it to you. We tried to be a example for our children, family and friends. And it is our goal to try to stay that way. We ask you maximum respect, because the important thing in these cases is avoid the suffering of the little ones. A big hug “Cañizares wrote on Instagram.

A breakup that you have caught by surprise and that has also left sad his followers, since only three years ago we knew that Santiago Cañizares and Mayte García They lost one of their children, Santi, who was 5 years old and a victim of cancer. The already ex-partner, who married in 2008, has other three children: Sofía, India and Martina.

Santiago Cañizares and Mayte GarcíaEuropa Press

That of Cañizares and his wife joins today a long list of unexpected breakups of stable celebrity couples in the last year. Psychologists already warned from the beginning of lockdown by the coronavirus, in March 2020, which divorce filings would increase. And so it has been. Separations during the first quarter of 2021 increased by 5.7% Compared to the same period of the previous year. Although the reality is that the annual figure carries six years in a row falling, according to data from the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ).

Whether due to the pandemic or a mere chance, the truth is that from the first quarter of 2020 until now we have seen how many of the More solid couples on the national scene announced their separation. These are some of the most talked about:

Enrique Ponce and Paloma Cuevas

Enrique Ponce and Paloma Cuevas signed the divorce papers last Thursday, July 15, after 25 years of marriage and a year after announcing the separation. The 49-year-old bullfighter and the 48-year-old businesswoman, that have two daughters in common –Paloma (13 years old) and Bianca (9), have also signed the divorce petition, waiting to be ratified in a court in Madrid. He has a media relationship with the 24-year-old young woman from Almeria Ana Soria, while She is single, after denying his environment the relationship they awarded him with the Mexican millionaire Eugenio López Alonso.

Paloma Cuevas' statement before Enrique Ponce's tumble in El Puerto de Santa María

Enrique Ponce and Paloma

Josep Maria Mainat y Angela Dobrowolski

The 75-year-old producer and 38-year-old Spanish-German medical student will sign this Thursday, July 22, the divorce agreement after ten years of marriage, and one after she began to be investigated for the alleged assassination attempt your partner with an insulin overdose.

Since January 2020, Josep María Mainat and Angela Dobrowolski were already separated, but they lived together occasionally in the conjugal residence of Hortas (Barcelona), for the care of their children, Jana and Joan Ramón, 9 and 6 years old.

Mainat and Ángela Dobrowolski, face to face before the judge on October 25

Josep Maria Mainat y Angela DobrowolskiNIUS / TV3

Bertín Osborne and Fabiola Martínez

The couple announced their separation on January 17, 2021, after 14 years of marriage and two children together, Carlos and Kike, who suffers from a brain injury. The presenter blamed the breakup on “coexistence problems” and his “way of being and personality”: “I confess that I am complicated on a day-to-day basis.” He defines Fabiola as “a wonderful person, great companion, wonderful woman and as a mother, literally unique “.

Fabiola Martínez and Bertín Osborne, a love story that continues on different paths

Bertín Osborne and Fabiola Martí

Ramón García and Patricia Cerezo

Just seven days ago the friendly separation of the 59-year-old host and 49-year-old former TV stewardess, after 24 years of marriage and two daughters in common.

Ramón García and Patricia Cerezo divorce after 24 years of marriage

Ramón García and Patricia Cerezo divorce after 24 years of marriageGetty Images

Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero

The March 12, 2021, the footballer and the journalist confirmed their breakup, after eleven years of relationship, as “a very thoughtful decision that we make mutual agreement“They said in a statement
They requested respect for their privacy and stressed that their priority is the education of their two children, Martín and Lucas, ages six and four.

Imanol Arias and Irene Meritxell

Imanol Arias and Irene Meritxell

Imanol Arias and Irene MeritxellGetty Images

Paco León and Anna R. Costa

Paco León and his wife, Anna R. Costa, in 2018

Paco León and his wife, Anna R. Costa, in 2018Cordon Press

Amelia Bono and Manuel Martos

The June 30, 2021, in the week they met Married 13 yearsIt transcended the separation of the son of the singer Raphael and the daughter of the socialist politician José Bono. An unexpected news for the press of the heart that took for granted the stability of the couple, with four children in common. According to the media, it was a cordial separation without infidelities or third parties, and everything points to a relationship wear, according to Hello !.

Isabel Sartorious and César Alierta

The businesswoman and former King Felipe VI, 56, and the former president of Telefónica, 75, they broke in the middle of February 2021 its three-year courtship. According to Informalia, the reason for the break has been distancing. Despite not being together, the relationship has ended, according to this medium, in a Beautiful friendship and the two protagonists have had no problem in continuing to do plans together.

Bill Clinton and Melinda Gates

The May 4, 2021, Bill and Melinda Gates surprised the world by announcing their divorce because they do not believe that they can continue to “grow together as a couple”they said in a statement. The Microsoft founder and his wife had been married for 27 yearsBoth are among the richest people on the planet and are also known for their strong commitment to philanthropy. The couple assures that “they will continue working together” at the Foundation, known for its fight against disease and for mass vaccination of children in underprivileged countries.

Bill and Melinda Gates divorce after 27 years of marriage

Bill and Melinda Gates divorce after 27 years of

Jennifer López and Álex Rodríguez

Jennifer López and Alex Rodríguez announce their separation: "We are better as friends"

Jennifer Lopez and Alex

Dulceida and Alba Paul

Last July 6, 2021, Dulceida and Alba Paul announced their breakup after five years of marriage and almost seven of relationship. It was her own influence Aída Domenech – known as Dulceida – who confirmed it on Instagram to his almost 3 million followers, even if did not explain the reasons that have brought them to this point.

Dulceida and Alba Paul separate after five years of marriage

Dulceida and Alba Paul separate after five years of

Julio José Iglesias and Charisse Verhaert

Julio Iglesias Jr. and Charisse Verhaert divorce 7 years after their wedding and with a fortune to share

Julio Iglesias Jr. and Charisse

Susanna Griso and Carles Torres

Little before the end of 2020, it was known that presenter of Antena 3 had put an end to 23 years of marriage with the Catalan journalist for the wear and tear that the relationship had suffered. For the sake of their three children, the separation has been cordial and friendly.

Susanna Griso and Carles Torres

Susanna Griso and Carles TorresCordon Press

Kim Kardashian y Kayne West

After many rumors, in February 2021 People magazine confirmed that Kim Kardashian had filed for divorce from rapper Kanye West, with which he formed one of the more media and powerful couples show business.

We are facing one of the costliest breakups ever. The properties and economic assets of the couple (more than 2 trillion dollars), Besides four children they have in common are the judicial key for Kanye and Kim to part their ways.

Kim Kardashian asks for compassion for Kanye West for his bipolar disorder

Kim Kardashian y Kanye WestREUTERS


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