Cannabis could help prevent and treat diabetes, study suggests


Photo: Pixabay Diabetes is fast becoming the most expensive disease in many countries, although there are still no clear numbers in most of these. In the United States alone, for example, it costs more than US $ 100,000 million (one hundred billion) annually for diagnosis and treatment.
With an estimated 285 million diabetics worldwide (and a projected number of 438 million in 2030), this condition is becoming one of the greatest threats to overall health.
Is there a potential cure on the horizon?
A collaboration between American and Chinese universities published in the American Journal of Biomedical Sciences revealed a possible hidden link between cannabis and diabetes. The study found that marijuana smokers, on average, have lower levels of glucose in their bodies than non-smokers . This means, of course, that the former also produce insulin more efficiently than the other group.
High blood sugar levels inhibit, and eventually completely atrophy the ability of the pancreas to produce insulin and that is when a person with diabetes is diagnosed.

Cannabis and diabetes, a long study relationship
The American Alliance for Medicinal Cannabis (AAMC) suggests that the controversial plant can suppress arterial inflammation and prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases in diabetics, through its activation of CB2 receptors;
Cannabinoids such as THC help the blood vessels remain dilated, as well as relieve symptoms such as cramps, restless leg syndrome and ankle inflammation common to people affected by diabetes.
A 2013 year study , published in The American Journal of Medicine , reported that, compared to non-smokers, subjects who had smoked in the last month showed:
Fasting insulin levels 16% lower
17% less insulin resistance
Higher levels of high density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C)
A smaller waist circumference
The last point is particularly interesting: taking into account all stereotypes about cannabis, such as those who consume it shortly after they have a voracious hunger, the most ironic finding is that cannabis users had smaller waists on average than their counterparts. homologous non-smokers.


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