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Cannabis, parties and conquests … Camille Lacourt reveals a lot of people in a book

Camille Lacourt retired in 2017. – J. Spencer / SIPA

  • Former swimmer Camille Lacourt just published his autobiography at the age of 33.
  • He talks about his life and especially about his nights. This great seducer does not hide from his crazy parties.

An intimate confession. We expected to read yet another sports autobiography, such as: "I tell my races one by one until my six years as a world champion.Fifty blues (editions Michel Lafon) is actually a book that does more people than sport.
Of course, Camille Lacourt talks about her victories – five world titles and the same at the European Championships. Above all, he reveals the secrets of the life (and nights) of a beautiful
Swimmers in Paris and Marseille. 20 minutes has selected six anecdotes.

Swimmers thanks to mites

Camille Lacourt would probably not have been world champion five times if he had not been asthmatic. His illness forced his parents to leave Paris for Font-Romeu and enroll him at the pool on the advice of a neighbor. "Mites, a ride to the nearby pool, a coach who has a nose, hypersportive parents: those little things have done what I am," writes Camille Lacourt.

It sometimes has galley with the girls

It was impossible to imagine this guy to rake. We were wrong. "I will not find love by sharing wardrobes with boys," he told himself at the age of 23. Measuring two meters makes me feel disconnected. It's not practical to break into two pieces to roll a skate while dancing slowly. "

But he caught up well

If you like sexy gossip, throw on this book. 150 out of 300 pages speak of mug, drag, short … sex. "For some, I represented a kind of game, target, my presence causing a froth, almost a boil under the better sex," he ventures. his Sex appeal After his triple gold medal at the 2010 European Championships in Budapest, he exploded: "I felt like I was drinking a magic pheromone potion.

Camille Lacourt then spreads anecdotes and says, for example, that they had seduced three dancers Largest cabaret in the world, "11 + 2, I'm coming by 13 in eight days", he wrote to finish a chapter dedicated to a very eventful media tour in Paris. He also admits that, after having slept with two women, he sent his first text to miss France Valérie Bègue, who will become his daughter's mother Jazz.

Camille Lacourt is also a party animal

It is the secret of the swimmers' circle and its manager Romain Barnier. Let the Champions decompress (and seriously) on Saturday night. On many pages you will learn more about the mojitos, beers and evenings in a gay Marseille box ("avoid the Cagus" who tore his shirt).

We quickly go into this friend's anecdote, Lourdingue, who was tempted by a transsexual to tell you the beautiful, confusing Camille Lacourt when he arrived at the swimmer's circle. One night, an awakening that does not ring … And a Barnier novel that drops a grandiose "a minute late", it's 10 pumps, so you owe us 1,200 big pumps. He did it with the help of Fred Bousquet and Fabien Gilot.

Camille Lacourt is world champion five times (swimming, not seduction).
Camille Lacourt is world champion five times (swimming, not seduction). – Petr David Josek / AP / SIPA

A small seal during the "turn of his life"

Camille Lacourt steals the pussies when he takes selfies – an athlete who smokes fucks badly. That does not stop him from grilling an average of three a day if he admits himself. in Fifty bluesHe also smoked cannabis during a hike in Cambre d & # 39; Aze, near his parents' home. He wanted to take stock of his life and was in descent into trouble: The seal made him dizzy. But this "inaugurating day" was "the turning point of its existence". "

Doping, creatine and the "witch"

Camille Lacourt has been calling for doping for a long time. So that he never ate this bread. He goes back to the intensive use of creatine in the circle of swimmers. "I was old school Initially, this protein cocktail was allowed for me to be doping, "he says, putting himself in the trap and swearing that he has" never seen drugs, seen the slightest doping in the circle ".

Even more surprising, Camille Lacourt tells how she was healed by a "witch", a friend of her mother. This virus, which robbed him of the Beijing Olympics, was treated remotely by this Bender:

One day when I was watching TV with the family, the strong pain awoke as if I had been planted with needles. The phone rang, the witch was online: "Camille, I've been working on your shingles for half an hour."

After this "telepathic" experience, Camille Lacourt never said anything bad about the bones and witches. None of those who eat creatine at breakfast.




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