Canon introduces EOS R100 entry-level system camera with kit lens for 719 euros – Image and sound – News

Come on. Most buyers of crop sensors were amateurs who started out in photography. They read online “wide angle 28mm”. Of course you have to explain to them that 28mm isn’t wide on their camera, to avoid coming home with a 28mm for their crop sensor and then being disappointed that it’s not wide at all.

If they bought a kit with the well-known 18-55mm and 55-200mm lens and never bought another lens, then you don’t have to bring that up. But if someone has a crop sensor camera and wants to expand, diversify or buy full-frame equivalents because “I like a 35mm perspective on full frame” or “I want to walk around with a 50mm like Cartier Bresson”, then you just have to convert. That is very logical. Much more logical than “just converting is nonsensical” what you proclaim.

It gets even more complicated if they also want the bokeh of full frame equivalent, then this must also be converted to get more or less the same images. Like a 23mm 0.95 pre-crop to get a 35mm F1.4 equivalent.

And yes, they also charge for bird photography. Just like when they put a TC on it. You also have pros who just shoot with the top models (full frame) and use 800mm lens with or without TC or amateurs or people who prefer a smaller camera and shoot with a crop camera plus 500mm & TC. Doesn’t matter at all.

Your depth of field also changes, of course. It gets bigger, unless you take a lens with a larger aperture (such as F0.95 for F1.4 equivalent). No idea why you’re saying this isn’t the case here. This is pure logic. You say yourself: it is a cut-out. If you take a photo on full frame and your focal depth is 2cm and you take a crop or you place the same lens on a crop camera, then your focal depth is of course no longer 2cm.

I don’t understand how you are so combative against this, it is so incredibly clear and important. Especially if you want to master the basics of photography. Just because it’s a stumbling point that takes a moment to think about doesn’t mean it’s better not to think about it at all.

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