Canosa was indicted for illegal practice of medicine

Juan Manuel Dragani, Viviana Canosa’s lawyer, confirmed that the driver was charged with the crime of “illegal practice of medicine” after the complaint by the Neuquén deputy from the Frente de Todos, Mariano Mansilla.

“Viviana is bad. She had a weekend where she practically could not sleep because of this situation,” the lawyer started saying in the cycle “In case the flies”, in the OnceDiez. And he continued: “I am in a position to affirm that it is an injustice, an arbitrariness, a cruelty. Of course the behaviors are questionable afterwards.”

Let us remember that the deputy from Neuquén denounced Canosa for the alleged “crime of quackery or illegal practice of medicine” after she drank chlorine dioxide in his El Nueve program, “Nada Personal”.

Viviana Canosa is denounced for taking chlorine dioxide into the air and spreading false information

“The first of the edges for which he consulted me is because it is imputed in a criminal case that is processed in the Prosecutor’s Office for Criminal, Misconduct and Misdemeanors No. 6 of the City of Buenos Aires, but article 208 of this code, which is the crime of ‘illegal practice of medicine’, which is clear that the conduct does not conform to the putative type stipulated by the norm, “said the lawyer.

“The complaint could have been filed by any citizen. But what of this deputy is not very understandable. I understand that the behaviors are loaded with subjectivity but when she commits the act she clarified ‘I do not recommend it’, then the behavior that Viviana developed in the program it is not consistent with the conduct that this article raises, “he said.

In this way, he announced that “once we achieve the dismissal, we will go after all the people who misrepresented their statements and we will initiate actions for damages.”

Controversy: Viviana Canosa consumed chlorine dioxide in the air, a substance supposed against Covid


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