Can’t accept Apple TV agreement without iPhone

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If your Apple products get an update, it’s usually good news. Those who updated their Apple TV but have no other Apple device lying around no doubt think differently now.

Apple recently released an update for tvOS, the software that runs on your Apple TV. The software update came with a new user agreement that users had to accept. Only a device that runs iOS 16 or iPadOS 16 is required for this. Otherwise you cannot accept the agreement.

That is most peculiar. When users are asked if they agree to a new user agreement, the option to confirm immediately appears. In many cases, the agreement is not even read and “yes” is clicked without thinking. This is not the case with the new tvOS update: it redirects you to another Apple device to confirm. Several users did their complaint also on the internet.

Enkel iOS 16 on iPadOS 16

As if that wasn’t enough, Apple is also very picky about which device you can use for that. The app indicates that only phones with iOS 16 and iPads with iPadOS 16 are supported. Is your iPhone or iPad too old to install this software? Or have you not yet upgraded to the latest version of the operating system for another reason? Then you will not be able to accept the user agreement for your Apple TV.

A user who can no longer access his Apple TV. Image: Twitter.

Even those who have a Mac or MacBook at home, but no iPhone or iPad, will not be able to access the Apple TV.

Update Apple TV

So you bought an Apple TV, but you don’t have any other Apple devices at home? Then postpone the update for your TV box as long as possible. Apple itself has not yet responded to the smear – they are busy unveiling new MacBooks there. Whether Apple will change the way of signing up is currently uncertain.

In any case, it seems a strange choice to only give iPhone and iPad users access to the new version of tvOS. Even with the recently announced MacBook you wouldn’t be able to accept the user agreement – ​​a very strange situation.

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