Canton of Schaffhausen saves money for the coming years – TOP ONLINE

The canton is still one of the cantons that receive money from resource equalization. But in the coming years, Schaffhausen will change from a receiving canton to a donor canton, so it will have to make payments.

The government council had therefore originally proposed setting aside a total of CHF 28.4 million for the 2021 bill in order to cushion the future burden. Now is the time when the coffers are full and you can put something back, said Finance Director Cornelia Stamm Hurter (SVP).

In the meantime, however, the forecasts have changed and the experts expect that the costs for the NFA in the years 2025 to 2027 will be even higher than expected.

The government council therefore applied at short notice to increase the reserves by CHF 5.4 million and to create a financial reserve of CHF 33.8 million. Fiscal policy reserves are part of equity, but are not freely available but earmarked.

Although there was criticism of the “Töpfli policy” from the ranks of the FDP and the SVP, a clear majority of the cantonal council spoke out in favor of the formation of this financial reserve. The application by Bruno Müller (SP) to save 50 million francs instead of only 33.8 million francs did not find a majority.

With the higher fiscal policy reserve, the plus in the 2021 account is now CHF 38.3 million instead of CHF 43.7 million.

TELE TOP reports on the billing debate in the Schaffhausen cantonal council.


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