Capcom Expects to Release Multiple New IPs in Current Fiscal Year

We all know Capcom from franchises such as Street Fighter, Monster Hunter, Resident Evil and many others. It is a major player in the industry that has been around for years and every year quite a few titles from this publisher come onto the market. At the most recent financial meeting, expectations for the current fiscal year were shared.

At this meeting, it was announced that Capcom will release several new IPs in this fiscal year. According to an official report, no fewer than 45 SKUs are scheduled for release in the period between April 2022 and the end of March 2023. You can translate SKUs into item numbers, so that’s quite a large number. Please note that games that appear on multiple platforms each have their own SKU. As a result, the number of unique IPs is somewhat lower, since many titles are multiplatform.

Nevertheless, the publisher seems to have big plans as you can see in the images below. Furthermore, the release of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak was explicitly mentioned in the report, which is scheduled to release on June 30. What other new games Capcom has in the pipeline remains to be seen for the time being.