Capiatá IPS: Too many respiratory patients, few doctors – Nationals

Patients who went to the Campo Vía Social Security Institute (IPS) in the city of Capiatá denounced the slow care by the medical staff. They also stated that they wait several hours in the corridors of the hospital for them to be received by personnel in white. A significant demand for people who go to the hospital for respiratory conditions is reported.

From early hours, many people were already in the emergency room to receive medical attention in the IPS of Capiata. Also, the long lines continued in the afternoon shift. The complaint, as they referred, is that the Hospital does not have enough staff to meet the demand of patients.

Most of the patients who were at IPS Campo Vía today, all adults aged 20 and over, went to be checked by a doctor for flu, influenza or Covid-19 symptoms. The situation in the place, as they stated, was already unsustainable due to the lack of prompt attention.

Patients, who go to be treated for these conditions, generally arrive with little energy, many with fever. They claimed that it is difficult for them to endure hours waiting for attention, many of them unemployed. Some even left the place because they could no longer wait and preferred to rest at home, self-medicate, or consult in private sanatoriums.

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About this situation, we tried to talk with the General Director of IPS Campo Vía, the Dr. Alba Ramos. The visit to the care center by ABC Color was in the morning shift and also in the afternoon, but the doctor was not at any of the shifts. Attempts were also made to contact the doctor by phone call and by instant messaging, but she did not answer in any of the cases.

From the Human Resources department, an official said that it was impossible to contact her throughout the day and that it would be impossible for the media outlet to try to talk to her. “Usually she is on the late shift, but she wasn’t there all day,” said the IPS Campo Vía HR officer.