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Capital disaster, so with Raggi Rome goes back

After all, he warned us: "Everything will change in Rome." And so, three years after that promised by the rally, it has changed in the capital-laboratory of the government grillini. Worse. Transports, waste, potholes, trees, the slimy bureaucracy of municipal offices. Every sector, now that on the third turning point Virginia Raggi engages the waning part of the Campidoglio mandate – was elected on 19 June 2016 – shows the sign of a more rapid decline of any pessimistic expectation.

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Reread the old 2016 electoral brochure to believe, the one in which the M5S explained how to "bring to Rome the change it needs". Transportation? "It is a priority – it was written – to create an efficient service, with modern cars and a number of journeys that meets the needs of citizens". And instead in 2018 buses and trams traveled almost 4 and a half kilometers less than in 2016; and already at the time the service was below what was planned by the Municipality (and certainly even below what commuters expected). Yesterday afternoon there were only 620 buses circulating, against the 1,300 planned. Blame the broken air conditioners. The center of Rome was not found without a metro from the 80s; and it did not take a space-time gap as in "We only have to do crime", to go back to forty years ago, it was enough for the escalators of Spain, Barberini and the Republic, victims, to break down together , according to the same Municipality, of a contract awarded by the grillina governance in 2017. To date only Spain has reopened, after a month.

Waste? "Efficiency of differentiated waste collection" and "progressive reduction of waste production" was the promise of 2016. Instead, for the first time in 10 years, in 2018 waste separation put the reverse and even the Ama had to admit that what the mayor Ray had repeated in the last three years was a resounding bluff: no chance to get to "70% by 2021", it will be 55% maximum (now we are at 46). Waste production, the one that was supposed to "gradually decrease", exploded instead, 1.7 million tons in the last year, a trend reversal that had not occurred since 2010.

Another point, another flop. "Drawing up annual green and tree maintenance programs" (2016 flyer). Instead, not in one but in three years, the administration failed to award a tender to prune large trees in a structural way. Since April 2017, the contract has been repacking from one office to another, while the trunks come down like bowling pins to a bowling masterclass: in 2016, 48 trees had fallen in Rome. In 2018, almost 400. An increase of 730%.

And then the holes (doubled compensation), the decor (2015: evicted 22 truck bars from the historic center; after 2015: zero), the public accounts (the commercial debt in the last year has shot up from 1.1 to 1.5 billions), the ordinary procedure for renewing a document that in municipal offices becomes an ordeal with unbelievable times (up to four months of waiting). One collapses into the disservices to which it has been the embarrassment, in these three years, of some efforts accompanied by slogans from social media and hashtags, the propaganda of the "we are working" and the wrongs of the "old administrations" relaunched always and in any case, even at despite the chronometer that runs, for everyone.


ROADS / Accident damage records, damage compensation doubled
TRANSPORTATION / Collapse of bus and tram journeys. And Atac is booming of absentees
WASTE / The invasion of bags, differentiated down in 2018. Paralysis on the implants
GREEN / Fallen trees, in two years + 730%. Never assigned maintenance
DECORO / Zero truck bar away from the Center. Navona, half benches at the Tredicine
ACCOUNTS IN DISSESTO / The crisis of municipal utilities. Half a billion more debts
BUREAUCRACY / Snail register, four months to renew a document

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