Cappella Maggiore, a wolf strolling through the streets of the center

The wolf photographed in the Cappella Maggiore

The quadruped immortalized in some photos and in a video, from the capital in Anzano. Councilor Cillo: “They are a danger to farms”

MAJOR CHAPEL. A wolf caught walking through the streets of Cappella Maggiore and the hamlet of Anzano. To testify this unusual “apparition” is a series of photographs, taken Tuesday morning at 7.10. And there is also a short video, to confirm that it is not about photomontages or geofake. Posted on social media, one of these photos immediately went viral, attracting the curiosity and attention of many passionate naturalists. The wolf was spotted at the new roundabout.

Wolf sighted in Cappella Maggiore: here it is taken in a video

Regardless of being out of its natural environment, the quadruped then continued the walk along via Livel, in the direction of the Pagoda. The wolf has also been sighted in Anzano. He traveled about four kilometers in a man-made environment, well away from the woods he usually frequents. In the village there are also those who swear they have seen it in the Fratte wood, an area more suited to its status as a wild animal. “We know very well that wolves are coming down from the Cansiglio forest and the Alpago woods,” explains the councilor for agriculture Flavio Cillo.

“The wolf up there is doing a lot of damage, many sheep have been torn to pieces. A situation which, if it were to persist, would inevitably require measures to remedy the problem “. «These are young wolves, generally one year old», explains the biologist Renato Semenzato, «who are removed from the family and the pack and therefore search for a new territory. They can happen anywhere ». The appearance of the wolf in the village has also raised concern about the possible risks. The wolf does not usually attack humans, but the speech is different for pets that can become his prey. It should be remembered that in recent weeks some apparitions of wolves have been reported in various places in the Vittoriese and in the Quartier del Piave. In some cases the passage of the quadrupeds has been deduced from the discovery of the carcasses of sheep and chickens torn to pieces.

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