Captain Cisco meets passionate teenagers before the preview in Anglet

Officer Cisco, his nom de guerre, like Maverick, 40, from Bayonne, made his first flight at Biarritz airport, the source of his passion. And his parents live in Saint-Jean-de-Luz. With the physique of a young first, he could have been among the cast of “Top Gun, Maverick”. To his credit: 3,000 flying hours, including 1,900 aboard the Rafale and 600 on the Mirage 2000. In short, a high-flying CV that an upcoming retirement will soon interrupt. Before he takes off again for a new aerial adventure.

Outfit presented

Tuesday May 24, about thirty young people who were part of the Angloye delegation in Cazaux with the squadron of combat helicopters and research at sea EH1/67, whose godmother is the City of Anglet, owner or trained for the aeronautical initiation certificate, were gathered at the Maison pour tous in Anglet, for a really friendly and extremely fruitful exchange.

The captain played the game by adding to the speech a demo of his outfit: an anti-G suit, which allows him to dampen the accelerations of the blood in the body, by maintaining it in its upper part to avoid fainting. Because the Rafale subjects the pilot to pressures of 8 and 9 G. He also presented the helmet which allows the arrival of oxygen, the radio link and the protection of the head in the event of ejection.

Two groups, alternately, had been formed, with the fighter pilot and General Gaviard, now retired and more specialized in the way for these young people to enter the School of the Air, trainer of engineer for three years, then as a fighter pilot for four years in order to become a patrol leader, the supreme qualification for a fighter pilot.

Communication in English

“I had a short wait before starting my training in the Air Force, says Captain Cisco As I had a little broken English, I left as a waiter for six months in Ireland to improve myself because all air communications are in English. Then I joined the Air Force in 2003, where I did military training. Because, even if we are trained as a fighter pilot, four years, we are also warriors, soldiers. I finally joined an operational unit in a real fighter plane in 2007 in Nancy where I stayed until 2013 before having the chance to join the Mont-de-Marsan base on the Rafale. »

Later in Monciné, Cisco filled up (350 people) in one room (190) and in another where the film was screened in its original version. And the questions rocketed. A lot of !