Captain Marleau (France 3): summit meeting with Hercule Poirot


At each of her appearances, Marleau creates the event. This unpublished episode of Captain Marleau , aired Tuesday, April 17 on France 3, should not be an exception: Corinne Masiero gives the reply to the eminent David Suchet who lent his features and his dazzling mustache to Hercule Poirot , the famous detective, for 13 seasons. Reportage behind the scenes of an exceptional shooting. Duel in the sun Summer 2017, a castle in Dordogne. A pleasure for the eyes and a refuge of freshness for Corinne Masiero and David Suchet, who prepare their scenes. Exit the detective’s mustache, to which the British comedian lent his features for almost fourteen years. A close shave, David Suchet slip into the shoes of an inspector from Scotland Yard who will hold Captain Marleau . What is striking is the totally opposite way in which the duo works. The actor carefully prepares his lines, the actress prefers to rely on his instinct. “He was playing in English, I was in French, we did not understand each other, we had to find codes to communicate, it brought us together” explains the woman who fell in love with “the super sexy voice” of his partner. ⋙ Embarrassed by the success, Corinne Masiero (Captain Marleau) says: “I’m going to see my psychiatrist several times a week!” (VIDEO) Mouth attacks and cigar velvets True to his reputation, Josée Dayan leads his little world to the stick on the set. Still, the atmosphere is good. Smoking cigar cigar, the creator and director of the series gives his indications with a bitter goodness. When addressing David Suchet, his gaze softened. Normal: she is a fan. She did not hesitate to cross the Channel to convince her idol to work with her. “Josée saw all my works and told me that it was her dream to work with me – it was one of the happiest experiences of my 50-year career” , rejoices the comedian. The British class As Josée Dayan , actors and technicians are raving about David Suchet . It must be said that the latter is a rare kindness, even giving advice to a young technician dreaming to pass in front of the camera. As for Corinne Masiero , she describes her partner as “a cream” . What think David Suchet the atypical Ch’ti? “Our characters are opposed: it comes from improvisation, I had a formal education, but we got along very well, I like his free personality … who liberated me.” For the distinguished guest, it’s soon the last scene. In the final clap, he launches into an emotional speech, applauded by a conquered team. Which gives him a kilo of nuts, fruit he discovered on the set and which he is very fond of. Corinne Masiero do not hide his emotion either: “I cried like a bitch …” ⋙ Attacked on her physique, Corinne Masiero (Captain Marleau) confides and reveals the underside of some castings … (VIDEO) A big mouth discreet Yes Corinne Masiero She shares Marleau’s outspokenness and nonconformism and is much more discreet and serious than the traveling policeman. In any case, when she works. Corinne Masiero thus isolates himself to concentrate. While she is very comfortable and accessible off the shelf, it is impossible to approach her on the set. Alone David Suchet managed to cheer her up. The English miracle … ⋙ Emmanuel Macron challenged by Corinne Masiero (Captain Marleau) in C to You: “If you could stop your bullshit!” (VIDEO)


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