Captured alias ‘Medicina’, coordinator of the Clan del Golfo in Casanare

Army and Police troops, in an inter-institutional work against the organized armed group (GAO) Clan del Golfo, during the development of a military operation, They announced that alias Darío or Medicina, alleged leader of this illegal structure, was captured. in the department of Casanare.

The operation was carried out in the La Pradera neighborhood of the municipality of Montería, Córdoba, as far as they went, to capture aliases Darío or Medicina, for the crimes of aggravated conspiracy to commit a crime, aggravated extortion and homicide. This person is accused of being the regional coordinator of the GAO Clan del Golfo, which commits crimes in the south of the department of Casanare.

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This individual would have been involved in criminal activities for around 12 years and would currently be the coordinator of this illegal structure in the municipalities of Maní, Tauramena, Villanueva, Monterrey, Aguazul and Yopal in Casanare, he would be the responsible for transmitting orders and participating in extortion, homicide, forced displacement, kidnapping and intimidation of merchants, farmers, businessmen, contractors, oil and palm companies, and the civilian population of the aforementioned municipalities.

According to the commander of the Sixteenth Brigade of the Army, Nelson Chacón, “He is also being investigated for his alleged participation in several homicides perpetrated in the municipality of Maní, in September 2020. and so far this year”.

“Due to the forceful blows dealt by the authorities to this armed group organized outside the law, in order to avoid their capture, that criminal organization would have ordered their transfer to the municipality of Montería.where it would seem that its mission would be to coordinate extortions and homicides in said municipality in the middle of Sinú,” Commander Chacón said.

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Finally, he argued that “will continue to carry out forceful military operations to counteract the factors of instability in this region of the countryattacking organized armed groups responsible for human rights violations”.