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Thodupuzha ∙ Crime scene tracker Dog Steffi of the District Police Dog Squad made a crucial clue in the case of Chinnamma’s murder. Steffy came to Saji’s house smelling pheromone. Steffy rushes to Saji’s house and huddles in front of the door. With this, the police confirmed. Chinnamma’s death is murder. Accused Saji was present in the premises while the police was inspecting the house where the murder took place.

On knowing that Steffy will arrive, Saji escaped from the place and reached Kampath in Tamil Nadu. With 90 percent of the body destroyed in the fire, the trainers instructed the dog to smell the pheromone, which was worried that there was nothing to smell it. Steffy handlers Ajit Madhavan and Rajnith instructed the dog to smell the pheromone smell coming from the body of the suspect.

According to the police, pheromones are released through the body through sweat due to the defendant’s mental stress, anxiety and fear. Pheromones are present at any crime scene. Steffi has received special training from the Kerala Police Academy to detect pheromone and identify its spread in the atmosphere. Realizing the presence of the accused’s pheromone, Steffy first reached the nearby cardamom garden and then turned back and came back. After traveling for 1 hour, she reached Saji’s house and sat in front of the door.

This is the first clue that the investigation led to Saji. Seven and a half years have passed since Steffy, a dog, became a part of the district police. Steffy is a Labrador breed dog. The Good Service Entries received by the staff who provided vital clues to the district police in theft and murder cases are uncountable. Steffi gave clues to the police after reaching the house of the accused in 3 murder cases in the district. Steffy also found and provided the weapons used in the murder.