Car compressors on offer on Amazon

We have talked about it on different occasions – and it is more important than ever to know – in a period like this, in which the price of gasoline has skyrocketed for months now. Correct tire pressure in the car is essential for safe travel, it is true, but also for save on fuel costs.

To travel by car it is essential to know which are all the most useful tips and tricks to be able to spend less and pay more attention to consumption. We saw it just a few hours ago, in addition to learning how to load luggage in the best possible way, to save space, it is also essential to know what are the tactics to optimize the cost of fuel, given today’s costs.

Tire pressure: how to save on fuel costs

Keeping tire pressure under control also means saving on petrol costs; more important than ever, given and considered the price of fuel today which, since the beginning of 2022, has skyrocketed. Correct tire pressure in the car keeps fuel consumption under control, because it affects driving performance and grip on the road surface.

Also follow other useful tips to save petrol and diesel:

  • avoid abrupt braking and sudden acceleration;
  • never force the engine, driving in the right gear, without revving it;
  • keep the engine stopped during stops and stops, despite the heat and the need to keep the air conditioning on (during the summer).

A secret to always keep the tire pressure at the level recommended by the manufacturer and thus save on fuel costs when traveling by car? Always have a compressor with you. Discover those on offer today on Amazon, opportunities not to be missed.

Amazon universal air compressor

The first compressor that we present on offer on these Amazon Prime Days 2022, July 12 and 13, is Amazon Basics – Compact and portable air compressor with carrying bag. Ideal for inflating car tires, it connects to the car’s cigarette lighter socket and has a power of 12 V.

It is ideal for tires with a maximum nominal pressure of 10.34 bar and is equipped with a 3 meter power cable and a 60 cm air hose that easily reaches all tires. The Amazon Basics tire compressor has an easy-to-read digital pressure gauge and LED light for facilitate inflation operations in every situation. It is equipped with the automatic shut-off function and allows very simple selection of preset values, as well as automatically stop at the desired pressure.

It was designed for the everyday motorist, it’s a supercharger compact and portable, 12 Volt and is sold with its carrying bag. It is the indispensable device for maintaining optimum tire pressure at all times, thus promoting longer life, better mileage, safer driving and good fuel economy.

The Amazon Basics air compressor takes up little space, making it very easy to inflate the tires, especially before leaving for the summer holidays, but also for periodic checks, without having to go to a specialized workshop or a service station.

Tire compressor: inflate in 2 minutes

The high device we recommend is OSRAM TYREinflate 2000, a compact and rechargeable tire pump with LED light, powered via USB and which makes it possible to inflate car tires. in just two minutes. It features a compact and lightweight design and a practical flashlight function.

It is equipped with a backlit digital display with memory function, which shows the pressure values ​​in BAR, kPA and PSI. Also included in the delivery adapter, USB cable, bike holder and storage bag. The compressor boasts the auto-stop function and stops automatically when the tires reach the set pressure. With the included USB cable, the OSRAM TYREinflate 2000 is rechargeable and a 12V socket is not required for power, it is also ideal for bicycles, scooters and motorcycles.

The compressor is light and compact and can be taken anywhere, just place it in its included storage bag and carry it with you in the car glove compartment. It also offers the function power banktherefore it becomes a practical charger for electronic devices, such as smartphones.