Car Exhaust Muffler, Following Functions and Types

Car exhaust mufflers are of course very important. Because, the muffler component in the exhaust of this car has a function that we should not ignore. In the following, we will discuss the functions and types of exhaust components for this one car.

In the exhaust section of the car, there are indeed several constructions that have their respective roles. Broadly speaking, there are at least four parts of the exhaust construction on a car. The four are headers or downpipes, exhaust tips, mide-pipes, and also mufflers.

Of the four sections, this time we will discuss the part called the muffler. What is the shape and placement of the muffler and what are its uses? In the following, we will discuss the functions and types of exhaust mufflers.

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Car Exhaust Muffler Function

The muffler is a part that is shaped like a tube and is quite large. An important component in the exhaust of this four-wheeled vehicle is at the back of the muffler. Its function is to dampen the sound of exhaust gases before exiting through the exhaust tip.

The combustion process does produce exhaust gas with high air pressure and temperature. This causes the exhaust air to expand fast enough to produce a loud noise.

This is where the function of the muffler begins, namely as a silencer by reducing too much air pressure.

So that the sound that comes out is lower because the air pressure is also lower. This happens because the muffler has a winding screen and exhaust pipe. Its function is to rotate the exhaust air when it enters it.

The exhaust pipe in the car’s exhaust muffler also has small holes. The benefit is to break up the airflow as it rotates inside the muffler. The process is a damper by reducing the pressure of the exhaust gas is too large.

With the muffler, the exhaust sound that comes out will not be too loud. So of course the exhaust will not emit noise that disturbs other road users. This is of course very good for maintaining mutual comfort.

Types of Mufflers Based on Raw Materials

The first type of muffler is based on the raw material or the material it is made of. Based on the raw material, the muffler consists of several types, namely:

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1. Stainless & Aluminium

First there are types of stainless and aluminum that are lighter but strong. This material is even more resistant to rust so it is often the choice for racing exhausts.

2. Carbon Car Exhaust Muffler

Carbon is the best material for making mufflers because it optimizes exhaust. However, carbon mufflers are quite expensive.

3. Galvanized

Next there is an exhaust muffler made of galvanized material. This muffler will be resistant to rust but the drawback is that it is quite heavy.

4. Titanium

Lastly, a titanium muffler that also has a light weight. This muffler is also strong against exposure to hot temperatures, making it more durable.

Types of Mufflers Based on Construction

Apart from being divided according to the material it is made of, mufflers are also divided based on the construction they are made of. Here are some types:

1. Muffer Straight Flow

This type of muffler has a straight pipe with holes that surround it. In the channel there is an absorption material that acts as a coating and sound dampening. Usually for sports and racing exhausts, many use this car’s exhaust muffler.

2. Muffler Resonance Chamber

Just like before, this type also has a lot of space with holes. The hole has a function for the expansion of combustion gas.

3. Muffler Baffle Silencer

This muffler has a multi-chambered tube that is zig-zag in shape. Its function is to minimize the sound of exhaust emissions coming out of the muffler. The result is that the exhaust sound will not sound too noisy and will not interfere with hearing.

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4. Manufacturer’s Standard Muffler

As the name implies, this muffler is an original muffler from a vehicle exhaust manufacturer. For exhaust gas circulation, the muffler has an inlet pipe and an exhaust pipe.

The temperature of the exhaust gas from the muffler is also low, because there is a resonance chamber inside.

Thus the discussion regarding the functions and types of car exhaust muffler components. With this discussion, of course, we are increasingly familiar with the components of this one car. We also increasingly understand its function and should not underestimate it. (R10/HR-Online)

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