Car incentives 2022: operational in mid-May … but it will be a click day

The 2022 Ecobonus for the purchase of a new car will reach up to 5,000 euros for electric cars and up to 4,000 euros for hybrids

Everything is now ready for the longed-for departure 2022 eco-incentives for the automotive world: after the formalization of the initiative through the Dpcm last April 6, now only thefinal approval through the Court of Auditors, the simultaneous publication of the decree in the Official Gazette and the preparation of the relative online platform through which access to the state bonus, which this year will be able to count on funding equal to 650 million euros.

The incentive to purchase a latest generation car (electric, hybrid or endothermic with low harmful emissions) will again be subject to the format of the so-called “click day”which should start with the 16 maggio and will be based on the registration formula “first come … better stay“. The only strategy to grab your seat, therefore, is to keep an eye on the site developed by the Italian government; in the meantime, let’s do a little review on the resources that will be made available.

The emission class that will be awarded by theEcobonus 2022 will obviously be that of electric (0-20 g / km of CO2), for which the incentive will be of 3,000 euros without scrapping of an old car (up to Euro 5 and owned for at least 12 months) or 5,000 Euros with the scrapping option active. There is also a maximum spending ceiling during the purchase phase, respectively equal to 35,000 Euros (excluding VAT) for electric and endothermic engines from 61-135 g / km and 45,000 Euros in the case of hybrids with 21-60 g / km of anhydride. carbon dioxide detected.

The savings for the second class of emissions taken into consideration are more contained, in which the vehicles ad hybrid power supply: here the “discount” comes to 2,000 euros without scrapping and up to 4,000 euros with scrapping. The latter amount, moreover, also represents the only offer available if you choose the higher class from 61-135 g / km relating to endothermic cars with Euro 6D-Final homologation.