Car on its side after collision in Vlissingen – HVZeeland

By: Roland de Jong

VLISSINGEN – A passenger car ended up on its side on Thursday afternoon after a collision on the Oude Veerhavenweg in Vlissingen. No one was injured.

A collision occurred between two passenger cars at around 2:25 p.m. at the intersection with Prins Hendrikweg. As mentioned, one of the vehicles ended up on its side. An ambulance team was called but none of those involved had to be taken to hospital.

Both cars were damaged. Salvage company Kuzee towed the vehicles. Traffic was halted for a while due to the accident. Police temporarily cordoned off the accident scene.

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Cq (31-3-2023 at 18:46)

I think I’m going to buy a hummer. If one pops up then maybe I still have a chance? That I am slightly injured….I hope to get rid of it.Because with those mobile zombies, under the influence these days seem like suicide attempts?

@Loes (31-3-2023 at 09:43)

Ah, glad you were on site to support the Technical Investigation Department with your expertise.

Loes (31-3-2023 at 05:53)

And flew again just as fast because I’m in a hurry. Fly in and through the bend quickly beep and yes again 1 on his ass.