Caramel’s pregnant wife on the red carpet: Plum stood in front of the photographers in a mini dress – Hungarian star

Caramel’s wife Szilágyi Szilvi on May 10, she announced she was pregnant with their second child: she uploaded a picture of her baby tummy to her Instagram page.

“Two hearts in one body. We’ve been dreaming about it for years and now another love of my life is on the way! ” he wrote for the recording. The couple have been together for 11 years, their first child, Sofi, was born in August 2014 and married a year later.

Caramel’s wife’s baby tummy

Szilágyi Szilvi also showed how beautiful her baby’s tummy is already rounding up on the red carpet program with InStyle and ALLEE Dog over the weekend. In addition to the most sporty and stylish duos, the jury also selected the coolest adopted eb and owner pair, as well as the biggest alpha male. The competition was led by the stars ’dog fashion show. Visitors could also buy a raffle at the event, and the fashion magazine supports the NEO Hungarian Helping Dog Public Benefit Association from the proceeds.

Caramel’s wife, Mochival, arrived at the InStyle event with the Pomeranian dwarf puppy, the puppy found a home in the couple’s family two years ago.

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“With the arrival of Mochi, the love in our lives has doubled. My little girl became her best friend, and she also did a great job for our marriage, and my husband became much “softer” and more emotional, Szilvi Szilágyi said.

Their most memorable joint adventure with the puppy is a very recent memory: Mochi was also present when they learned the little brother was coming.

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“That’s how our family is complete: with two babies and a fantastic dog,” said the pregnant star, who can also see other celebrities on the red carpet in our gallery.