Hundreds of migrants from the first caravan of marchers who left Central America with the intention of joining the United States, arrived Sunday, Nov. 4 in Mexico City, where they were placed in a municipal stadium.

The caravan of migrants of nearly 1,700 people, mostly Hondurans, who have been on their way to the United States for four weeks, arrived in Mexico City on Sunday evening, November 4, where they were placed in the municipal stadium Magdalena Mixhiuca.

A second caravan of migrants, who entered Mexico on Monday (October 29th) from Guatemala, is also continuing its advance in the Mexican state of Chiapas, bordering Guatemala.

The two caravans reject the Mexican President's assistance plan offering them medical coverage, educational assistance for their children and temporary work, provided that they stop and file asylum applications in the states of Chiapas and Oaxaca. However, the Mexican authorities announced on Saturday, November 3 that more than 1,100 migrants from Central America had been rejected, out of the 2,800 asylum applications already examined.

"At the Mexico Forum, we exchange on the reception of migrants"

Electoral hardening on immigration

Just days before the mid-term elections on Tuesday, November 6, Donald Trump, seeking to mobilize his electorate, has tightened the tone on immigration. He has threatened to deploy up to 15,000 troops on the Mexican border to block the road migrants.

More than 7,000 US troops were positioned last weekend in US states bordering Mexico – California, Arizona and Texas.

"If migrants seek asylum, we will detain them until their case is examined. We will keep them, we will build tent cities, we will set up tents everywhere there. "said the US president on Monday night, October 29, in the countryside.

The Cross (with AFP and Reuters)



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