Card machine blown up in Offenbach – Rhein Main Verlag

Flashing blue lights on a police car. (Iconic image: Fleimax from Pixabay)

Residents and passers-by could have heard a loud bang on Karlstrasse in Offenbach early today, Wednesday (18th). At around 1 a.m. at number 71, unknown persons blew up a ticket machine for the parking lot barrier there.

The detonation was brought about by the perpetrator(s) with a firecracker. The front cover was thrown about 20 meters away and finally hit a railing, also damaging a parked black Mercedes. The damage is estimated at 5,000 euros. The perpetrators stole an unknown amount of change from the machine.

The criminal police have taken over the investigation and are asking for information by calling 069/8098-1234.

(Text: PM Police Southeast Hesse)

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