Cardano’s IOHK denies any delayed rumors! Vasil Hard Fork continues as planned.

Tim Harrison IOHK’s vice president of communities and ecosystems brushed off rumors of potential delays with the Vasil Hard Fork upgrade scheduled for late June.

According to the rumors spreading on the tweets. found that there was a possibility that Cardano Vasil Hard Fork The launch may be delayed until August, however, IOHK just updated it on June 18th claiming that everything is still going as planned.

According to news sources, operators stake pool  (SPO) It was necessary to switch to the latest upgrade to help complete the Vasil Hard Fork, but with just two weeks before the planned release, it’s not yet possible. The deadline seems improbable.

Meanwhile, Tim Harrison said the community will receive further updates on the progress of Vasil HFC on Monday, June 20.

In a previous update shared by IOHK About the Vasil Hard Fork On June 7, IOHK announced in a tweet that: Now the Vasil HFC operation has reached its final stage and everything is going smoothly.

Combining everything with Vasil is currently the most challenging from many perspectives, as it is not only a more laborious process, The master node, multicomponent, and DB-Sync to third-party APIs such as Blockfrost will need to be upgraded. So there’s a lot of collaboration.

IOHK has also announced a new version of the Vasil node, as well as the release of a new CLI and testnet network built to ensure ecosystem partners have enough time to test. Ahead of the launch, the Vasil Hard Fork arrives.


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