Cardi B and Offset criticized for flaunting wealth with son’s money-play photo

The pair of rapper Cardi B and Migos member Offset have come under fire for an Instagram post featuring their son.

In the image carousel released on Thursday, the youngest of the couple’s two children, Wave Set (1), can be seen playing with a wad of $100 bills in a wardrobe.

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The toddler of 21 months obviously has no idea of ​​the fortune that serves as a toy. He handles $100 bills like normal kids handle blocks or toy cars.

The publication with the caption “Bad Boy Wave” did not necessarily receive the capital expected as many Internet users lamented the ostentatious display of wealth at a time when many people are struggling to join the two ends.

“Baby Wave using my life savings as a toy,” an Offset follower wrote.

“This baby has more money than I will ever have and I am literally old, like old enough to have money,” another wrote.

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“This guy’s diapers are worth more than me,” one user joked.

He’s kind of right, considering the nappies in question worn by the little Wave Set are from the deluxe streetwear brand. Chrome Hearts. We weren’t able to find the exact price of the reusable diapers in question, but on their site, things are expensive.

“No offense…but I don’t think rich people should spoil their kids like that. I mean let that kid know the value of every penny,” another indignantly said.

Next time, maybe Monopoly (or Canadian Tire) money could do the same…

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