Cardinal Krajewski as Pope’s Special Envoy to Ukraine!

Cardinal Kraievsky, who arrived at the ICU where more than 400 mass graves of women and children, including women and children, were buried in the brutality of the Russian army, prayed in front of them.

Joey Kariveli, Vatican City

Cardinal Konrad Kraievsky, the pope’s philanthropist, prayed in front of the tombs in the cedar grove at Izyum, Ukraine.

More than 400 graves have been found in the ICU where Russian soldiers brutally killed women and children.

Cardinal Krajewski, who has arrived in Ukraine for the fourth time as Pope Francis’ special envoy, visited the graves and prayed on Monday (19/09/22). He responded to the heartbreaking sight of the brutality of the Russian army without words or tears. Cardinal Krajeski said that war does not know compassion, and we are silent in the face of this horror. He added that while accepting the fact that war involves the loss of life, it is difficult to explain so many dead in one place.

Cardinal Krojewski said that he was touched by the silence of the 200 or so young people who were exhuming the corpses and doing other related things, a silence with incredible respect for the mystery of death, and that he had much to learn from that youth.

This past Saturday the 17th (17/09/22) Cardinal Kroeyskyi was supposed to be shot while he was helping a Catholic bishop and a Protestant bishop in Zaporizhia, Ukraine. He escaped unhurt.