Cardinals finalize sweep of 4 games in Cincinnati



Published in: April 16, 2018

CINCINNATI, Ohio, USA (AP) ?? Dominican starter Carlos Martinez struck out 11 batters in seven scoreless innings and Harrison Bader hit a two-run homer to help the St. Louis Cardinals complete the sweep in the four-game series in Cincinnati since 1949 with a victory on Sunday. 3-2 over the Reds.

Martinez (2-1) conceded two hits and four walks while giving the Reds his eighth straight setback, one less than his worst losing streak of last season.

Cincinnati scored just 10 runs in the series and suffered its first sweep against San Luis in a four-game home game since the series July 8-10, 1949.

The Reds have not been on the board in the last 32 innings, a blip that started in the fourth inning of Thursday’s game. They have a 2-13 record for the first time since 1931, when they barely won two of their first 19 games of the season.

Closer Bud Norris of San Luis received a home run by Adam Duvall at the start of the ninth inning and the Reds put runner at second base without outs. But Norris then struck out Alex Blandino and Phillip Ervin and on a grounder from Billy Hamilton he scored his third save.

The Cardinals have won five of their last six games.

Homer Bailey (0-3) took the loss by receiving four hits and three runs in seven innings. He struck out four and gave two walks.

For the Cardinals, the Puerto Rican Yadier Molina 3-2 with one pushed. The Venezuelan Jose Martinez of 4-1 with career scored. The Dominicans Yairo Muñoz 1-0, and Martinez 2-0.

For the Reds, the Venezuelan Jose Peraza 3-1.


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