Career education [1]

Guidance education (also known as educational guidance, career education, choice education, or choice education) designates a set of practices with an educational component (information, seminars , visits, etc.) whose function is to prepare young people to face the problem of their orientation.
Guidance education methods have developed massively over the past twenty years, but their origins are much older. From the beginnings of the institutionalization of guidance assistance, with the appearance of a body of professionals, and within the framework of a systematic reflection on the phenomena of orientation and on the methods to be used, we were concerned to prepare young people for their orientation; at the time, it was mainly students who were finishing their primary education and wanted to engage in training for workers or employees. These educational concerns appear in particular in Frank Parsons’ manual, Choosing a vocation, published in 1909. For Parsons, career education consists of providing information on professions and their outlets and encouraging young people to get to know themselves better. by offering to complete questionnaires and by suggesting that they engage in various activities. The young person is also encouraged to take into account the experience of manual work taught at school, or, for those who attend, in the…

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