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Career: leadership position through training? – Career

Jobs arise and disappear again, job profiles change or die. Therefore, should be learned now for life. But many measures bring little progress in the career.

"If you do not learn anything in your job, you should quit." This sentence should be in every career counselor, because the idea of ​​lifelong learning has so far been implemented too negligently. Further education must be thought of more radically. After all, in the end, it will help everyone – you, your boss, your company – and your wallet

How vuca is you up to date?

Please what? The trend word stands for "volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity". So for impermanence, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity – and that's what today's world of work meant. Vuca would also be a fancy name for a martial art. And agile, responsive, aggressive people are really at an advantage in this new world of work.

National training strategy adopted

The Federal Government, the Länder, the social partners and the Federal Employment Agency have decided on the National Continuing Education Strategy. "We want to develop a true continuing education culture in Germany," said Federal Education Minister Anja Karliczek at the presentation on Wednesday in Berlin. Further education must be part of everyday working life and be designed in such a way that it does not overwhelm the employees but motivates them.

Employees without a vocational qualification should in future have a "fundamental entitlement" to be supported in the case of a subsequent qualification. In addition, the Ascension Allowance will be increased, with the help of people who make a further education to become a master, specialist or business administration. In order to increase the labor market opportunities through further education, quality inspections and certifications should be expanded. Part of the training strategy is also a competition where participants will develop interactive learning platforms that will provide easy access to continuing education for people of all ages.

Digital transformation and the changing world of work place new demands on companies and their employees. Union and SPD had therefore already agreed in the coalition agreement to pay more attention to the further training of employees.

Jobs arise and disappear again, job profiles change or die. In addition, many hierarchies change, depending on which constellation you work on which project. The hope that the school, the training or the university prepares you for such a thing is naive. And simply not affordable for such institutions. It is therefore all the more important not to lose touch on the way. But both sides are in demand, employers and employees.

Does your boss think?

For example, companies need to make sure their staff can handle the new accounting software. That's pure self-interest. Employees often do not perceive such measures as training because they are usually done in silence. And unfortunately not all are privy to the secrets of new programs. Several studies have shown that men – and above all fathers – benefit more from in-company training. This is a structural problem: Because men are more likely to work full-time and work in leadership positions, the investment in the companies is more worthwhile.

For both sexes, however, the following applies: In-company training is more a lead guarantee than a career driver. According to researchers from the Social Science Research Center Berlin (WZB), participants in continuing vocational training are less likely to drop out or become unemployed than non-participants, but they are also less frequently promoted. And they are not wooed either. In short: training by the employer is actually only care for one's own staff. For the time being she will not benefit from her personal career path unless you like standstill.

Do you think?

So you have to take care of the additional qualifications for the next step – and most likely in your free time. Women understood this much earlier than men. According to the German Institute for Adult Education, they are investing a little more than men in private continuing vocational training and even more in general education: from advanced Spanish courses to coaching for executives to mindfulness training in the Alps. Because the offerings are so different, it is unclear what is really crucial for the career. Unsurprisingly, women without children are the most active.

To move forward, it is a smart strategy to see the employer as an instructor. Make advancement part of the job by proactively addressing training opportunities or by challenging yourself. Men often do that automatically. Psychologists confirm that they overestimate themselves and therefore apply for jobs they still need to stretch. Women tend to underestimate themselves and are subsequently overqualified. In a survey conducted by the LinkedIn career portal, 36 percent of women, but only 26 percent of men, said in 2018 that they had turned down an application because of self-doubt.

What should you look for when choosing your training?

1. Do not learn for the current, but for your desired job to. Think about where you want to go and what you need.

2. Develop skills that you can use with another employer. This includes that of you can prove or at least talk about it.

3. Work on your strengths instead of your shortcomings. You are not hired and promoted because you average everything well, but because you do something can do better as the others.

What will you do differently now?

Simple: They look at themselves, saving time. Do not stuff your calendar with weekend workshops, while others make career careers Monday through Friday. Learn at work. Find a job that will help you, even if the challenges start to frighten you. Seminars can help, as it is often easier to learn in a group. You can also simply look for skills from others there.

Children are often asked after a day at school what they have learned. Ask yourself this every day just before closing time. If you can not think of anything, think about a change. It's exhausting, like karate or jiu jitsu, but it makes you fit for the Vuca world.

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