Carla’s Dreams ex-wife, surprise! No one suspected such a thing. PHOTO

On his real name Andrei Țărus, the artist from Chisinau was married to Nelea Motricală – a discreet woman who decided to go her own way and succeeded.

Nelea Motricală is a very discreet presence, just like her ex-husband. The 31-year-old is well known in Chisinau, her hometown. Nelea and Carla’s Dreams have been together for 7 years. The young woman is from Calarasi district, from the Republic of Moldova, and is a business woman.

That's what Carla's Dreams ex-wife looks like.  The reason for the breakup is a real shock

After attending the Faculty of Management and International Business at the Erasmus University in the Netherlands, Rotterdam, he opened a tourism company, TripMoldova, specializing in inbound tourism, ie receiving foreign guests and making tourist tours in the Republic of Moldova. Moreover, she ran a business management agency and did coaching for business people.

Nelea married in 2010, in Chisinau, Andrei Ţăruş, former member of the band In Quadro, born on October 25, 1984, in the city of Slobozia in the Republic of Moldova and who is currently the soloist of the band Carla’s Dreams.

Who ended the marriage

The problems in the marriage appeared earlier, however, in 2013, when the one who filed for divorce was Nelea herself. But she also withdrew them. Their little girl remained in her mother’s care. The two had a lot to share, and the situation was very tense between them, so the divorce could not be done at the notary, but ended up in front of the judge. The magistrate decided the custody, but also the schedule of visits of the child and the distribution of the fortune. The two spouses were not even present at the divorce. Their lawyers did everything.

Suffering from love is the most pleasant suffering

The artist considers that the suffering of love seems to him one of the most pleasant sufferings, which is worth experiencing. Moreover, he confesses that he does not believe in friendship in a love relationship.

“And I wish everyone to feel it as often as possible, under any circumstances. It’s one of the rarest and most pleasant flavors during our short time here. You love your girlfriend, your friend befriends him “, said the soloist Carla’s Dreams in a radio show, notes the impact.

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