Carlos Alcaraz defeated Andy Murray in the ATP 500 in Vienna 2021

The name of Carlos Alcaraz placeholder image He won’t go unnoticed on the circuit for years to come. At 18, he never stops surprising locals and strangers and every day he sets out to break a new barrier to continue on his way towards his goals. In that sense, he had the pleasure of adding his first win against a member of the Big4 since he beat Andy Murray 6-3 and 6-4 in the second round of the ATP 500 from Viena and thus made it into the top eight in an indoor tournament for the first time in his career.


If we told someone who did not see the match that the first set lasted 64 minutes, they could calmly point out that it was defined in a tiebreak and that it was played on clay. However, it was the opposite. So much so that they played just nine games and on indoor fast tracks, where the ball travels super fast. Even so, it turned into a very tactical duel in which each one increased the speed when the other slowed down for a second. Really, each one was giving their best. They had no more. They knew how to surpass the rival and did the impossible to achieve it. From the changes of rhythm (mainly with the slice) of Murray to the infernal right hands of the Spanish. From the possibility of dominating with the British backhand to the shots from one side to the other by Alcaraz. It was a tug of war, which could lead to endless games and long exchanges. However, in that first round the intensity of the young man prevailed, who broke three times against one of his adversary.

What Murray battles has no reason to be. Despite being 34 years old, with a “metal hip” and a track record worthy of the best, he runs like there is no tomorrow. He looks like a child who is just taking his first steps into professionalism and who wants to show off for the cameras. But he is a champion with all the letters, who returned from retirement to show the world that he continues with the illusion of always and with the desire to stand up to the best again. And so, with will, intelligence and a privileged talent, he tried to match the actions to send everything to a third sleeve. Although he gave everything and more, it did not reach him and the 4-2 advantage he had was diluted in the blink of an eye as the Murcian raised the level again, was unstoppable with his drive and won the last four games of the partial to, in short, put the final result in your favor.


As soon as his game ended, Matteo Berrettini and Nikoloz Basilashvili They entered the main stadium of the tournament to close out Wednesday’s action in the Austrian capital. Indeed, the winner of this match will go against Alcaraz in the quarterfinals. It could represent the first duel against the Italian, while it would be the second against the Georgian, whom he beat at the last Roland Garros (6-4, 6-2 and 6-4).