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Carlos Ghosn’s assistants reveal his escape plan, and this is what they sued!

by archyw

The two Americans who helped the ex-Nissan Motor Company chief escape from Japan to safety in Lebanon said that helping Carlos Ghosn escape trial in Japan was a mistake, and that they deeply regretted him.

Michael Taylor deeply regretted helping Carlos Ghosn escape, saying: “I helped Carlos Ghosn escape from Japan during his bail period. I deeply regret my actions and sincerely apologize for causing difficulties for the judicial process and for the Japanese people.”

At a hearing two weeks ago, Michael and his son Peter agreed to prosecutors’ assertions that they helped Ghosn escape the country at the end of 2019. They were extradited to Japan from the United States earlier this year and face a maximum prison sentence of 3 years for harboring a criminal. or enable him to escape.

“After more than 400 days in prison, I had plenty of time to think,” Peter Taylor said. They both stood and bowed deeply after making their statements. “I take all responsibility and deeply regret my actions.”

He described how he learned that Ghosn wanted to escape, and that Ghosn’s cousin was his sister-in-law, which pressured him to help the former CEO of the automaker.

Taylor’s family was brought to Japan in March to face charges related to their involvement in Ghosn’s escape from Japan, where he was facing charges of financial misconduct. After hiding himself in an audio equipment case and smuggling him on a private jet, the former auto executive made his way to Beirut, where he currently resides.

Admitting guilt and showing remorse is Taylor’s attempt to deliver a quick sentence and a reduced sentence. They have already spent time in the United States. Although it is not clear whether this will be taken into account when making judgments in Japan.

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The State Department said it will inform the Japanese government of the time the Taylors have spent so it can be taken into account, according to a letter seen by Bloomberg News.

They are due to be sentenced later in July.

Plan details

Michael Taylor said he arrived in Japan on December 29, 2019 in order to plan Ghosn’s land escape, and also revealed that there was an alternative plan to escape by sea.

In response to questions from the Japanese attorney general, Taylor said: “They told me that no charges should have been brought and that paying bail was not a crime.”

Peter Taylor gave more details about his family’s ties to Ghosn, who in July 2019 asked him to do some work for him in digital documentaries. Peter also testified that he received $862,500 for his services and also for his father’s role in Ghosn’s smuggling.


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