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The former president and current Peronist national senator Carlos Menem, who turns 90 this Thursday, stayed at the Los Arcos sanatorium in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo, where he was subjected to a series of new studies to control his diabetes and kidney function. .

“We are 90 years old! I start this day paraphrasing you” We are wrong but we are doing well “today is your birthday, but God gave me the gift of having you on this day. I love you with my soul. his daughter, Zulemita Menem, tweeted shortly after noon.

Menem had been released from the Diagnostic Institute last Monday after recovering from pneumonia and was due to return for medical checks on Wednesday but it was decided to stay in hospital to facilitate the new checkup.

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His family decided that the controls should be carried out in the Los Arcos sanatorium, closest to the former president’s home and not in the Diagnostic Institute where he had been hospitalized until Monday.

“He is stable, thank God,” said Zulemita Menem on Thursday in an audio message that he sent to the drivers of America TV and that it was broadcast on air.

There, the daughter of the former president said that last night Menem had “low saturation” and that, then, “as a precaution” the doctors had decided to return to hospital.

“The diabetes he has attacks the heart and kidneys, and he must be closely controlled. He managed to improve the pneumonia and it was decided that he return to his home so that he can be studied outside so as not to be in the clinic with the risks involved in the midst of a pandemic, “explained, for their part, the sources in their environment consulted.

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Nephrologists at the Los Arcos sanatorium “are monitoring him because of his diabetes and kidneys,” added those close to the former president, adding that he was scheduled to undergo new controls.

The former president was admitted to the Larrea Street Diagnostic Institute from June 13 to last Monday for bacterial pneumonia.

During this period, he underwent drug treatments that were successful, while the coronavirus tests performed were negative.

Orlando Morales report.



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