Carlos Rivera dedicates a romantic song to Cynthia Rodríguez in full concert

Written in CELEBRITIES the 8/8/2022 · 09:56 hs

Carlos Rivera and Cynthia Rodriguez They returned to Mexico, after a long tour of Europe, Africa and Asia, with which they dstrong rumors of marriage aroused, something that has not been confirmed by either of them.

While the interpreter of “Me muero” resumes his professional activities, The television host continues on vacation enjoying time with her boyfriend and dedicating herself to fulfilling her greatest dream, that of being a mother, which is why it is speculated that she would be undergoing a fertilization process soon.

This was demonstrated this weekend at the Palenque of the Potosina National Fair in San Luis Potosí where The singer delighted the attendees, including Cynthia Rodríguez.

Carlos Rivera returned to the stage in the company of Cynthia Rodríguez
Photo: Instagram

Videos of the romantic moment he lived circulated through social networks the former contestant of The Academy when listening to the song “Other Lives” in Carlos Rivera’s voice who at all times did not stop looking towards the stands where she was to dedicate it to her.

Witnesses to the scene noticed the singer’s gesture with Cynthia and celebrated it with positive comments, as both have become one of the most beloved couples in the middle of the show despite the fact that they have decided to share the smallest details of their romance.

Look at the romantic moment of Cynthia Rodríguez and Carlos Rivera: