Carlos Ruiz Rt, who died the writer of “the shadow of The wind”

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dead writer Carlos Ruiz Zafn at his residence in Los Angeles — where he lived since 1993, due to cancer, as reported by the Spanish media. Today is a day very sad for the entire team of the Planeta who knew him and worked with him for twenty years, during which it was forged a friendship that transcends professionalism, said the publisher Planeta, which gave the news. Ruiz Zafn, who was 55 years old, in Los Angeles working as a screenwriter for the Hollywood industry. He had reached fame internationally with his novel The shadow of the windwinner of numerous awards and selected in the list made in 2007 by 81 writers and critics of Latin america and the Spanish of the best 100 books in the Spanish language of the last 25 years. His works have been translated into more than forty languages. In Italy his books are published by Mondadori.

His career began in 1993 with a series of books for children and teensamong them especially The prince of mist (the inspiration apparently came from his previous job as a teacher in the asylum). Fiction for adults only arrived eight years later, in 2001, when the public The shadow of the wind. Eight million copies sold and an international success achieved with the word-of-mouth, because the launch at the exit was not of those five columns. In 2005 (in the meantime it had been translated in 35 languages) has won the international Award, the Barry for best first novel published.

Planeta in 2008 he published his second novel,El juego del angel, which is translated a few months later by Mondadori with the title The game of the angel. The year after he released his Marina. In 2010, Mondadori decided to fish out an old work: El palacio de la medianoche and dates back to 1994, which is released in Italy as The palace of midnight. In 2011, Planeta port on the shelves of libraries The prisoner of heaven. You go five years to get to the next title The maze of the spirits (Knopf, 2016) that the last volume of a tetralogy devoted to the Cemetery of books forgotten.

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