Carlos Torres, from La reina del flow, chicanered his millionaire and luxurious house

In a video, Carlos Torres, from The queen of flow, chicaned his millionaire and luxurious home.

The Colombian actor has managed to steal the hearts of viewers with his different characters.

And now, it is the center of the comments thanks to Charly, the protagonist of the production that is currently broadcast on Caracol but is already in its final stretch.

Precisely, thanks to this participation, he has gained more followers on his social networks.

And now, he is giving something to talk about on the networks again, but at home. And it is that, through a video published by an account specialized in decoration, the actor showed his home, and without a doubt, it is enviable.

“Welcome to my home, welcome to my home. I am very happy, very happy, and today I am going to give you a complete tour, ”Carlos begins by saying.

Carlos lives on the outskirts of Bogotá, so his room, in addition to being spacious, has a beautiful view and is full of green.

The living room also features a fireplace with white stones and a grand piano.

The house of the famous also has a space that he calls “modern cinema”, which has a modular cabinet, a large television and other kinds of accessories.

According to the actor, the main piece of furniture was created especially for that space, as it had to be the correct size, that is, very large.

A curious fact about this house is that the rooms are on the first floor.

And when you go down, the first thing you can see is another living room. And this has a reason for being.

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“This space is very important because there is no television in any of the four rooms, except in one, the children’s room. So if you want to stay up late watching television, this is the ideal space ”, revealed the famous.

Carlos Torres, from The queen of flow, chicaneled his millionaire and luxurious home