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Carmen Dacal created the poster for the Film Noites of her childhood in O Barco

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Carmen Dacal is the author of the O Barco Film Noites poster

The Catalan opted for a collage for her summer proposal

21 jul 2021 . Updated at 10:52 a.m.

Born in Barcelona, but her parents are from O Barco, so summers from Carmen Dacal they were always on the banks of the Sil. Also two winters. When Carmen was eleven years old, the family moved to Valdeorras for two years. I study in the Divina Pastora, where she made many of the childhood friends that she still has. Later he returned to Barcelona, ​​where he continues to reside.

photographer Focused fundamentally on the world of fashion and portraiture, Dacal took advantage of the stoppage imposed by confinement to work on new techniques. “I had always been fascinated by collage, and I started to make photomontages with my photos”, account. “This discipline allowed me to work at home with a large number of fashion or architecture-decoration-interior design magazines that I had, using them as the main source of creation,” he says.

Often the woman is the protagonist Of his works. “I am talking about the long road that has brought us here. A woman who must celebrate what it is to give without giving explanations, who must no longer justify what she is worth, which she simply is. A woman who looks relaxed to a better future, “he explains. Dacal also works collage with digital photomontage, “since it allows me to execute the works with greater agility”.

And to this technique he resorted to design the poster announcing the O Barco Film Nights, which can be enjoyed in Praza Maior on Thursdays (from 10:45 p.m. in July, and from 15 minutes earlier in August). Design seeks, he says, to convey the joy and freedom of summer nights. «The night blue in the background is the real color of a photo I took of dusk on the Malecón, the bather is an allegory of vacationers diving into the Sil river and, for this occasion, immersing yourself in cinema training“, account. That is why the bather falls into a sea of ​​popcorn, the perfect accompaniment to an outdoor movie night.

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