Carmen Di Pietro and the tornado in Honduras “We all cried” / The background after the Island of the Famous

Carmen Di Pietro remembers the tornado on the Island of the Famous: “We were all crying”

There is no shortage of background on the latest edition of the Isola dei Famosi, which ended last Monday 27 June. Back from Honduras, the finalists talked about themselves to the audience who followed them, revealing some aspects of this adventure that have remained unpublished. It was the same for Carmen Di Pietro that, interviewed by Fanpageshe recalled in particular the moment in which she and the other castaways were forced to leave the island due to a strong storm, a “kind of tornado”, she says.

Carmen Di Pietrorecalling those moments and the concern of his son Alessandro Iannoni, reveals: “The third day the hurricane hit the island and they took us away from there to a hotel, we were all crying and there was some kind of tornado. At that point Alessandro told me: “Mom, but you didn’t describe it to me like that”. “Eh but when I made the Island the hurricane wasn’t there”, I replied. “

Carmen Di Pietro and the future of her son Alessandro on TV: “He doesn’t want to do this job”

Tornado aside, the adventure for Carmen and, above all, for Alessandro Iannoni, it was unforgettable. Di Pietro says that her son had no doubts about participating in the reality show “He immediately said yes, he liked the idea of ​​adventure.” Despite the great success achieved by the boy in his first real television adventure, it is not in Alessandro’s plans, at least according to his mother Carmen, to continue in the entertainment world: “Does he work in the entertainment world? There is no problem, he does not want to do this job, so much so that he finished his contract on May 23 and said enough and went back to university. “ Di Pietro cut short on the subject.