The Geiss is hot in the Maldives – so she wears a skimpy bikini. A few snapshots with holiday look posted Carmen on her Instagram account. But something is funny about that. At least on one of the pictures … On the rejects the 53-year-old her well-trained body in the red two-piece on a railing. Behind her, the turquoise sea splashes away, on her nose is a pair of fat sunglasses. Did she even pick them up when she edited the photo before putting it online? For her question: "How do you like these filters" she got from her followers a few answers with which she probably did not expect.
Perhaps the most glorious commentary on the Photoshop fail: "The Carmen is so hot, because the water contracts and steel bends … that must be a real Milf *." And indeed: in a comparison photo in black and white that is Railing on the Carmen did not pose hidden and also the horizon behind the sea does not hang in the curve.
Anyway, Carmen's holiday photos are a real eye-catcher. Or did you know that the millionaire's wife wears a huge tattoo over her butt? From photo three in her Instagram gallery you can see it …
            * Mom I'd like to f … (mother: I would like to f …) ,


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