Carolina Cruz and the holy water bath routine that she fulfills with her children every day

A few days ago the Colombian presenter Carolina Cruz posted a video on his profile stories Instagram, where she showed the products she uses to comply with her child’s bath routine Salvador.

Then, he explained that he always prepares holy water because it is part of the daily bath not only of his baby, but also of his oldest son named Matías.

The 42-year-old from Valle del Cauca has holy water in a spray to complement the routine of the little ones with it, perfume and a cream, showing that she is very devoted to the Catholic religion.

His religious practice has been praised by several of his followers in networks that respect his beliefs, as well as by women who have felt identified with the care they have with their children.

During the last months Carolina Cruz has given much to talk about by revealing the health problems that his son has had Salvador, which is why you have to comply with some therapies and medical tests.

In the midst of so much speculation related to this topic, the presenter clarified that her son had stiff neck and that this disease had nothing to do with her age when she gave birth and much less because of the? in vitro treatment that she performed in order to fulfill her dream of giving a baby brother to Matías.

“To clear up some doubts, this has nothing to do with age and much less with in vitro fertilization, 1 in 4 children suffers from gestational torticollis, as well as 1 in 5 children suffers from pushing”, explained the also model a few months ago.

Click to see the video. Photo: Instagram

In one of his most recent posts on Instagram, she dedicated an emotional message to her baby, highlighting everything she has learned in this new process as a mother and how strong she feels doing this job.

“Our first confrontation together on this journey full of sensations that have led me to put the EGO aside, to value life at its best, to understand that you chose me to take you by my hand and together overcome any adversity. More than 3 months have passed and I do not change anything you have taught me, today I am more human, more real, more sensitive and more MOM than ever. THANKS SAVIOR OF DREAMS, you are more than I dreamed of. I love you”, says stop the message you wrote Cruz.