Carolina Cruz shared a tender video of the progress her baby had

Caroline Cruz The attention of thousands of people on social networks has been stolen due to the content he usually publishes about his personal and private life. The celebrity has received all kinds of reactions from the curious, who are interested in knowing about his work, the sentimental relationship that he maintains with Lincoln Palomeque and the recovery that his little son Salvador is undergoing.

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The famous former queen has attracted attention with news related to the medical process that her youngest son is undergoing, as a result of her relationship with the actor of ‘Café, con aroma de mujer’. Cruz has spoken of the exams that have been done, the therapies that are carried out on the little one and the advances that he has presented with the passing of days.

Recently, the entertainment presenter caused all kinds of comments among her fans and friends after sharing a clip of Salvador, in which He reported that at 11 months he was already crawling as it should be. The images show this activity where the boy shares with his brother, Matías, while his mother records it.

In the video the child can be seen crawling, following his mother, who shows him a toy and encourages him to continue moving across the floor of his house. The little boy tries to catch the object, while looking closely at his older brother.

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“What can I say…all the glory be to you LORD, thank you for so much and more. Salvador at almost 11 months crawling with the best teacher by his side… I love you !!!”, wrote the famous in the caption of the photo of the clip, where it already has more than 160,000 likes.