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The host Carolina Cruz has aroused great admiration among her followers due to the dedication she has as a mother, especially with her youngest son Salvador.

Some time ago, the presenter revealed that her son had been born with gestational torticollis.

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He further clarified that this was not caused by the way it was conceived (in vitro fertilization).

According to the Spanish Association of Primary Care Pediatrics (AEPap), the stiff neck Gestational disease usually occurs due to “a bad posture of the baby inside the mother’s uterus or due to a difficult delivery. The baby with torticollis usually has the head tilted to one side and the chin turned to the other side ”.

And although it is not a serious disease, since it can be treated, Carolina Cruz has made it clear in her networks that it has been a very difficult process for her.

“45 minutes of crying and daily effort, my heart wrinkled, but as I tell him every day: the best of all this is that you are not going to bed at all, we are the ones who suffer the most in the process,” he published Carolina Cruz along with a video in which she shows the baby’s therapies.

Salvador, He too child Minor of Lincoln Palomeque, he has therapies from Monday to Friday and has several people who with their dedication have helped him to progress.

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In addition, he has the unconditional support of his father and mother, who have been pending his rehabilitation.

Fortunately, the baby has made significant progress.

Carolina expressed in some publications that, after the therapies, Salvador manages his head better and keeps it steady.

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